Amazon queen Edit

Amazon queen is a villain that was summoned in a episode The Amazon's revenge.

Amazon Queen

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summons the Amazon queen in the Enchanted Forest to awake the spirits of her warriors so she can capture all males and make a world with female warriors. Matt, Gomez and Lightning were captured but Roxie wasn't captured because she was a warrior,and the Amazon queen chose her to join her female army. Roxie challenges her to a battle so her friends don't get destroyed. In the end Roxie smashes the queens necklace because that was her weakness and all Amazon spirits leave and Matt books her.

Appearance Edit

Amazon queen is a giant woman with black hair and black eyes, golden crown, wears a golden armor, red lipstick, poison nails.

Abilities Edit

She can awake the Amazon spirits and she's skilled fighter and fast.