Amazon queen Edit

Amazon queen is a villan thath was summond in a episod The Amazon s revenge.

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summons the Amazon queen in the Enchanted Forest to awake the spirits of her wariors so she can capture all male and make a world whit female warriors.Matt,Gomez and Lightning wher capturd butt Roxie wasn t capturd becaes she was a warrior,and the Amazon queen choos her to join her female army.Roxie challenges her to a battel so her frinds don t get destroyd.In the end Roxie smashes the queens necklace because that was her weakness and all Amazon spirits leave and Matt books her.

Appearance Edit

Amazon queen is a giant woman whit black hair and black eyes ,golden crown,whears a golden armor red lipstick,poison nails.

Abilities Edit

She can awake the Amazon spirits and she's skilled fighter and fast.

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