Flight of the witch

Arcana is a witch that Tenoroc released in episode 6 of Season 2 Flight of the Witch. She also appears in Season 4, Episode 11: Return of the Witch.


Arcana is green and her hair is magenta. She also wears a black dress and black boots, with black and purple striped leggings.


Arcana, like other witches, loves to cast spells and make potions. She is also very clever and quick as she says that "she has eyes in the back of her head."


Weakness Edit

Anti Potion.

Abilities Edit

Arcana flies on her magic broom, and she has a spy eyes which can tracking her enemy and see his every move, and Arcana watch them by the rose viewing orb in her magic broom, And she can use her magic broom to fight her enemies, and she can throw potions balls and of her a many kinds and very evil, and her magical power outweigh any other magical power. And like other witches, she can brew up The Ultimate Potions and other spells and cast them to her enemies, and this evil magical power can turn anyone (like Gomez) into a green toad or something else, and Arcana is very dangerous and very super evil genius.