Pirate Code is another episode created by someone else.

In the series Edit

Tenoroc has summoned Redbeard for the third time to steal the golden skull of nightmares. But when he shows up, he summons Redbeard's older brother Blackbeard a short pirate in a steampower suit made from the 1873's, when they meet Tenoroc who creates a pirate competition.In the end, the skull consumes them both, then they go hologram and get booked.

Appearance Edit

Blackbeard is a short pirate with a eye patch, a black beard, and a skull hat. He wears a steam power suit, a gient oven and his back that's the source of his power fire. Has two giant arms and two gient legs and a gient glass around him(his insaid and the glass is like a roof around him).His body is just like Skorpiontron only his stomac is maid of wood and has a painted pirat flag.

Abilities Edit

His gient hands can shout 12 romout controld canonbals , he can fly,super strong has seven robothic arms and he can turn his left arm into a pirate sword.

Personality Edit

Pure Evil and really cranky

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