Brickneck is a villain who appeared in Brick up Brickneck.

In the series Edit

Brickneck was summoned to kidnap the Scientist who's been helping the Street Kids to upgrade their technolagy. Brickneck kidnaps theScientists and goes to the Sea of Sands to feed him to the Sand Snakes. But it gets worse when Tenoroc summons Cylops to atack Alhabar as a destraction.Now Matt and Gomez need to stop Brickneck while Lightning and Roxie go to stop Cyclops.Bricneck gets stuck in a Quacksand has been defeated.In the end Cyclops escapes.

Appearence Edit

He whears a ultraman mask,black futuristeck supersuit and white shooes,his neck is brick and his hands are brick he looks like the Thing from the fantastic four.

Abilities Edit

Strong as a brick

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