Bushido is a supervillain Samurai who appeared in Welcome to Warrior Land.This is alsou Roxie and Gomezes homedimension.

Plot Edit

When Jekyll plans to turn the whole multiverse into Hyde monsters failed Matt gets a new location called Warrior land. In warrior land is like a competition of warriors wear warriors from all over the multiverse come to compete for the ultimate champion,the winner will have a statue put in the hall of winners and will receive a golden medal given to by the Moon princess Kaguya. So Tenoroc planes on kidnaping the princess as revenge by summoning the ultimate warrior Bushido. When Matt arrives he challenges bushido to a warriors fight.After defeating him and booking him Mats Statue is put in the hall of winners,and tells Matt that she helped Alfred to book a villain. She gives Matt a new location called Rome.

Appearance and powers Edit

Bushido wears a black Samurai armor and is a skilled sword fighter.