Bushido is a supervilan Samurai who apeird in Welcom to Warrior Land.

Plot Edit

When Jekyll s plane to turn the whole multiverse into Hyde monsters faild Matt gets a new location called Warrior land.In warrior land is like a competision of warriors wear warriors from all over the multivers come to compete for the ultimate champion,the winner will have a statue put in the hall of winers and will recive a golden medal given to by the Moon princess Kaguya.So Tenoroc planes on kidnaping the princess as revenge by summoning the ultimate warrior Bushido.When Matt arrives he challenges bushido to a warriors fight.After defeathing him and booking him Mats Statue is put in the hall of winners,and tells Matt thath she helpt Alfred to book a villan.She gives Matt a new location called Rome.

Appearance and powers Edit

Bushido wears a black Samurai armor and is a skilld sword fighter.

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