20. Candy Cane
Candy Cane is another villain that Lord Tenoroc released in episode 7 of Season 2 Trick or Treat.

Appearance Edit

Candy Cane wears red and white pants and top along with a black tie. He also wears a swirly hat with the same colors and is seen carrying a hypnotizing lollipop cane that helps him fly.

Personality Edit

Candy Cane is a jolly but childish candy man that loves to have fun. He also likes to see others have fun, but that's only because when they eat his candy that turns them into marshmallow-haired children that only think about having fun.

Weakness Edit


Abilities Edit

Candy Cane hypnotizes others or fly by using his lollipop cane. He can throw exploding Toffee Apple Bombs (that left Roxie blind), He also has The Magic Pudding, which could weaken his opponents and make them a fan of candy, It was said that he also makes a big and very tasty dishes of candy, make his opponents they fall in love with her, and when ingested becomes their hair like a marshmallow, He can also release adhesive candy balls by using under his lollipop cane, And candy cane is very great evil genius but it is trouble maker.


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