Captai Cold is lightnings Grampa who was summond in Captain Cold.

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summons Captain Cold to freeze the city to make a new ice age.He can only breath cold air only heat can make him go holagram.He says to Lightning thath his a disapoitment to the Power fammily and it is reveld thath Lightnings name and surname is Lightning Power.He studs up to his grampa after almoust freezing the city.After Roxie hits his Gravity shoes he starts to fall but was saved by Lightning,Then his grampa realises thath he was wrong about Lightning and he says thath he never liked Tunder or his father.But Tenoroc punishes Cold by hiting him whit lightning and breaking his helmet and making him go holagram.In the end all the Streat Kids got a cold becaes of Captain Cold.

Appearance Edit

He wears a glass helmet thath keeps the cold insaid,wears a black suit,has a laser ice gun,wears a big capsul on his back thath keeps him from going holagram and antygravity shoes and his bald(he looks a littel like Mr Freeze from Batman the animated series).

Powers Edit

Controling ice,using a ice gun and flying.

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