Ma Lightning/Captain Electri is a evil Lightning villain and also Lightning's mother.

Captain Electri

In the Series Edit

Captain Electri was summoned in Mother's Day to see her son, Captain Lightning. However, she was very disappointed by his good behavior and orders him to become evil again and stop being friends with Matt Hatter. Until, Lightning confronts her by telling her that being good isn't as bad as she thinks and he's happier being a hero than a villain. Later, they both hug each other when Electri suddenly goes hologram and Matt books her just as she says goodbye to Lightning and tells him good luck in protecting the Multiverse.

Appearance Edit

Electri is thin and wears a navy blue jumpsuit. She also wears glowing bracelets on her wrists and air walking boots. Her hair is straight with points at the end and around her forehead is a glowing halo.

Powers Edit

She can create rings of electricity and throw them at her opponents, trapping them.