Captain Flash is Lightning's father the most dangerous super villain of all time.

In the series Edit

In Captain Flash, it was Father's Day but Flash was very disappointed at Captain Lightning for turning his back on Lord Tenoroc and asks "Why can't you be more like Thunder or Storm. Lightning then stood up to his father by telling him that he is more happier being a hero than a villain and that being good isn't as bad as he thinks. When hearing this, his father immediately understood, then goes hologram after he hugs his son. Later, Flash gets booked just as he said goodbye to Lightning.

Apearance Edit

He's a thin and fast man in a gangster suit, has a metal blue energy on his chest that allows him to goes super fast, he has two weather glowes and has C.G on his tie and shoes (just like Zombie Boss). Like his son, he has blue glowing eyes.

Powers Edit

Like Lightning and Tick Tock, Flash can go super fast thanks to the metal blue energy on his chest.

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