Captain Grampa Kid is Lightning's grampa who was summoned in The Water of Youth.

In the Series Edit

Tenoroc decides to get ride of Lightning and his parents once and for all buy summoning lightnings most powerful family member Captain Grampa Kid. He is too weak to fight after his final showdown with Alfred Hatter so Tenoroc sends him to the Enchanted forest to find the Legendary Water of Youth. If he drinks that water he will be the youngest and strongest lightning villain of all time. Matt, Roxie and Gomez are too late and now they need to go to Carnival City to stop Grampa Kid. At Carnival City he sucks all the youth of the Street Kids and gets more stronger so he creates a super lightning ball that will destroy the city.Matt Challenges him to a one on two him and Lightning showdown.But after they they bought lost their youth Roxie calls on the only person that can stop Captain Grampa Kid, Lightning's Mom Captain Electri. She tells his dad that it's time to take a new leaf and change their ways but if that what she wants he will do it but Tenoroc doesn't agree so he tries to resummon Captain Grampa Kid but Matt books him in time.

Appearance Edit

As a old man he has brown skin, a cowboy costume, white hair, blue eyes, wears dentures and has lightning tech. and his recharger.

As a young man he wears a black hat, is handsome, has a scar on his cheek and has black hair.

Powers Edit

When he became a old man he gain a power to sucks the electric energy out off the human body and turn them into old people and turn him self into a old man,and that's why he got booked by Alfred. He can also control lightning and fly.

As a young man he can shoot lightning like bullets, fly and create a giant lightning like ball that can destroy a city.