Hatter TV Episode 16 – Captain Lightning22:27

Hatter TV Episode 16 – Captain Lightning

Captain Lightning is the 3th episode of season 2.


When a lightning storm hits Carnival City, Tenoroc seeks to harness its energy! Matt, Roxie, and Gomez race against time to stop Captain Lightning from putting up a lightning catcher on the Skytower.


The episode starts with Lord Tenoroc picking which villain should do the job. Craw suggests that he should release all the villains but Tenoroc says that the Triple Sphere only has enough power to summon only one villain. Until, Craw sees blue lightning in Carnival City so Lord Tenoroc pick Captain Lightning to harness it's power and transfer it to the Triple Sphere.

Meanwhile on Earth, Matt's dad is setting up some lights before the movie starts.

Villains Introduced Edit

Captain Lightning

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