Captain Thunder is Captain Lightning's brother and another super villain that Lord Tenoroc summons in Thunder VS Lightning.

Appearance Edit

Unlike his brother Captain Lightning, Thunder is fat and 6 feet tall and a yellow skin color that matches cheese . He however has muscular arms and legs while he is still fat. He also has light yellow eyes and like Lightning, he has spiky red hair. His costume is exactly like lightning's except he has no black suit underneath and he Doe's not wear a mask

Personality Edit

Thunder is a jock with a personality which is different from Lightning's: not too confident and not too much pride. However, he likes to be a show off and is very lazy.

In the series Edit

Lord Tenoroc released Thunder to finish off his little brother after he grew tired of Captain Lightning helping Matt and his friend book all the supervillains. He sends Lightning flying with his mighty thunderclaps and traps Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and the Street Kids in his electric force fields. However, like Frankenstein, he was defeated by Captain Lightning's special spark.

Abilities Edit

Thunder can ride on a thundercloud and his muscular arms can make a thunder clap so loud and powerful, it can break through hard material or blast his opponents away. He can even throw big yellow orbs made of thunder and he can trap his opponents in his electric force fields. Captain Thunder can also create thunder energy blasts from his hands and he has peak human strength and speed.