Captain Light is a phantom captain lord tenoroc releases it in the end of captain light.

Appearance Edit

He wheres an armour like captain lighting and his eye are blue.

Personality Edit

Captain Light is extreme heartless and very crazy.

In the series Edit

the episode started lord tenoroc watching alfred fighting with his villains after that he saw somebody upgrading the street kids technology to the max so lord tenoroc releases Captain light to carnival city soon the street kids technology were so low so matt roxie and gomez comes the they found captain light roxie fights with captain light but she fails soon all the lights in carnival city gets off even the moon went so captain light became a bit weak and goes hologram so he gets booked by matt after that everything became normal.

Abilities Edit

Captain Light can absorb any energy and he can fly.

Weakness Edit

If the is no light he goes hologram.

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