Carnival City

Carnival City is the third world of the Multiverse. It is home to the Street Kids and the new home of Captain Lightning.

History Edit

It was once a bright and joyful place were there was laughter and people having fun, but now it became a dark, foggy, and dull city with a few Street Kids and no one seems to laugh anymore. It sometimes gives Gomez the creeps.

It once was hencing the name, a city of of working rides and happy people, but when the darkness of evil that escaped into the multiverse one by one the cyber-cogs that turn the gears that keep the gear towers that keep the up and running stopped turning, ending up polluting the air, causing a permanent blackout, and a wave of sadness across the realm.

The Realm was so polluted only those non-native to Carnival City can breath there. All those native to Carnival City including the mayor all died, except for all thanks to a last plan effect made by the mayor before he died he gave power packs to all of the remaining Street Kids which kept them alive, under these horrible conditions.

Locations Edit

  • Old City Silo- location of Candy Cane's Hideout, base, and candy factory
  • Sky Tower
  • Warehouse- the place the Street Kids store away all that they find
  • Street Kids' Secret Hideout- located under Carnival City

Leader Edit

Villains that appeared in this location Edit

  1. Captain Lightning
  2. Zombie Boss
  3. Candy Cane
  4. Vampire Lord
  5. Shapeshifter
  6. Phibious
  7. Lycan
  8. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  9. Slamdroid
  10. Magnifico
  11. Mummy
  12. Doc Fossil
  13. Trailblazer
  14. Cyber-Racer
  15. Ultra Mamga
  16. Captain Light