Tenoroc summons the Caveman to turn everion in Carnival City into big dum stupid slobering Caveman.He appeard in Prehistoric Times in Carnival city.

Plot Edit

Lightning and Roxie are buying some food for Spike becaes Gomez is sick.Menwile Tenoroc neads to think of a plane to get rid of the The Scientist (former villan of Tenoroc and his name is Esenstein) who has been modefaing the Streeat Kids machines.So he summons the Caveman a stupid monster thath obeys only Tenoroc.To turn all the Streat Kids into big dum slobery Cave Kids.After thath was done when Roxie and lightning return all of carnivall City has been turnd into a prehestoric age even the bildings are turn into caves.For the first time Lightning calles Matt for help becaes Roxie has been turnd into a cavewomen.Tenoroc plays a dangereus spater trap full with acid spithing pterodactiles in witch trapes Lightning.Matt neads help from someone dummer the Caveman so he resummons Igor for help.Igor s job was to distract The Caveman long inouf for Matt to destroy the neclace.And afterwords Matt is tricks the Caveman into fauling in the Black Lagoon.But still Tenoroc is pleased becaes Lightning is trapped in a dangeres Limbo.

Personality Edit

Really stupid and savige but loyal to Tenoroc.

Powers Edit

He has a medalion thath can turn anione into a caveman,a gient Caveman club and is superstrong.He can create a gient earthquack whith his club.

Weakness Edit

He cannot resist meat and falling into the black lagoon and drowning.(The drowning part is unsean)

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