Tenoroc summons the Caveman to turn everyone in Carnival City into big dumb stupid slobbering cavemen. He appeared in Prehistoric Times in Carnival City.

Plot Edit

Lightning and Roxie are buying some food for Spike because Gomez is sick. Meanwhile Tenoroc needs to think of a plane to get rid of the The Scientist (former villain of Tenoroc and his name is Einstein) who has been modifying the Street Kids machines. So he summons the Caveman a stupid monster that obeys only Tenoroc. To turn all the Street Kids into big dumb slobbery Cave Kids. After that was done when Roxie and Lightning return all of Carnival City has been turned into a prehistoric age even the buildings are turned into caves. For the first time Lightning calls Matt for help because Roxie has been turned into a cavewoman. Matt and Lightning manage to lure the caveman and its people by using meat. After a battle they destroy the Caveman's medallion and he gets booked.

Personality Edit

Really stupid and savage but loyal to Tenoroc.

Powers Edit

He has a medallion that can turn anyone into a caveman, a giant Caveman club and is super strong. He can create a giant earthquake with his club.

Weakness Edit

He cannot resist meat and destroying his medallion.