Cell Blaster Reboot is the 1st episode of Season 3.

Summary Edit

Tenoroc sends the half man-toy goliath, Magnifico to wreak havoc on the Multiverse. Meanwhile, the cell blaster gets an upgrade too thanks to a special key that Magnifico had and the battle against Tenoroc continues.

Plot Edit

Matt is summoned to the Multiverse by Roxie who tells him "the stakes have never been higher!" However he was set up and Roxie and Gomez were just having fun. Glad with a break, Matt enjoys the brief flight only for it to be ruined by Magnifico and his ego. Matt and Roxie go against Magnifico but they get beaten by him. Teneroc's triple sphere has upgraded and is almost at full power.

So Teneroc's hologram goes into the Multiverse and Roxie gets paralyzed so much that she can't move. In anger, Gomez rushes at Lord Teneroc only to pass straight through him and hits his head on the lava ball posts. Later, Roxie and Matt tell him what happened and he complains about his poor back. Matt feels discouraged and Roxie and Gomez cheer him up. They find the wormhole and go to Carnival City where Magnifico is terrorizing the Street Kids.

Captain Lightning saves Lucius and the Street Kids from being crushed and goes up against Magnifico only to be defeated and Matt goes against him. Roxie tries to help but Gomez tells her that Matt's got this. Matt finds out Magnifico's weakness in his battery cells and Gomez tells him about the star cog on Magnifico's trophy belt. Matt gets it and this unlocks the Chronicles' virtual store. With the cell blaster upgraded, he defeats Magnifico and they book him. Then Lightning leaves.

Later back in the real world, Matt activates the link between his world and his grandpa's prison realm therefore opening the link and allowing communication between the two.

Villain Introduced Edit


Captain Lightning


Trivia Edit

  • This is the episode when the new hatter gear is first introduced
  • Captain Lightning makes his third appearance.

Transcript Edit

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