Colonel Buckshot
Colonel Buckshot appeared in Season 4, Episode 10: "Hunt of the Amber Dragon".

In the series Edit

He was summoned to destroy the Amber Crest Dragon using tuk tuks for bait. He hates the Council of trees and threatens to cut them down. Colonel Buckshot tries to catch a rare Rainbow-Tailed Kio-Bird, which are as rare as rubies.

Apperenece Edit

He has the head and skin of a rhino and the leg, feet, hand, and arm shape of a human.

Weakness Edit

Being eaten by the animals he's trying to hunt and being caught in his own traps.

Abilities Edit

He wields a robust axe and a shotgun that can change from super-powered shots to treacherous traps.

Quotes Edit

  • I’ve got you right in my sights.
  • How is your back? (BERON [BATMAN]: Never better.)
  • You are starting to crack. (SUPERMAN: That's just my knuckles.)
  • Kneel! (HANSO [WONDER WOMAN]: I will not stumble.)
  • Your light is dimming. (VERSAD [GREEN LANTERN]: I'm keeping up.)
  • Have I humbled you yet? (DARNA [BLACK CANARY]: You need to ask?)
  • You will make Superman unstoppable. (PHOEBE BUFFAY-HANNIGAN [SUPERGIRL]: Who says I'm going to help him?)
  • I am here to be king! (MONICA GELLER-BING [CATWOMAN]: I killed mice braver than you.)
  • Mera will be my queen. (LENAT [AQUAMAN]: I'll flay your first.)
  • You fight like your father. (LINMIS [ROBIN]: Now you've stepped in it, Bane.)
  • Scream for me! (ROHAK [BLUE BEETLE]: I'll get right on that.)
  • Pena Duro means "heart of stone". (DANIL [CYBORG: You giving me a nickname?)
  • You snitch, you die! (THE FLASH: At least I'll die a hero.)