Character Information
Age: 411
Craw Goyle is one of the main characters that appeared in Matt Hatter Chronicles. He is a stone-like creature that helps Tenoroc in his plan to free from Sky Castle.


Craw Goyle was created as part of the Sky Castle's structure when it was constructed hundreds of years ago. And he is the last remaining of of Gargoyles as all his species did flew away.


Craw has the knack of saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, which normally leads to him being yelled at by Lord Tenoroc. Craw likes to please and often gets over excited when he stumbles on something which can help Tenoroc's evil plans. He thinks that the more he helps Tenoroc the more likely he will be awarded with a worthy position in Tenoroc's army when they start to take over the Multiverse. Unfortunately Craw is not really that evil, instead he pretends that he is to fit in with Tenoroc. If they do break free he may just join the Hatters instead. Because of being imprisoned in the Sky Castle, his ultimate wish is to be free from the Castle. He dislikes Water, shouting and lemons! and He likes Sky Chess.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Craw did not display any abilities or power and he is seems to be just an stone creature, however he knows how to use the Triple Sphere as he is always alert Tenoroc if there is something happening in the Multiverse. He can also fly by his wings, though he lacks proficiency.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the other characters in the show, Craw's design has been changed slightly in Season 3

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