9. Cyclops
Cyclops is a one-eyed monster that Lord Tenoroc released in Episode 9 Season 1 The Lost Skeleton Key. In Episode 2 of season 4 "Cave of Keepers", Switch appeared in the form of Cyclops.


Cyclops has one mechanical eye that can help him see through wall which also help him find the Lost Skeleton Key.

Weakness Edit

the hammer is strong enouth to beat him! it's discoverd

Abilities Edit

Cyclops can see everything and analysis him and audited as wanted by his electronic one eye and have a giant battle hammer that hits it the ground and makes an devastating earthquake which produces a incision on the ground, he has very fast in the speed ratio, and like most giants, he has incredible super strength, and is the gigantic largest out of all the villains and the monsters in the villain vault at all.

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