Dark Cloud is a supervillain that appeared in Thunder+Lightning Dark Cloud

In the series Edit

Lucius has a dream about his imaginary friend who's gone crazy. So Tenoroc summons Dark Cloud Lucius's old imaginary friend,to seek revenge at him by creating a big Sheep Cloud army to make the biggest twister ever.When Matt arrives Matt tells him what happened and Lucien tells Matt about who he made Dark Cloud, Lucien was seven and didn't have any friends so he created Sheep Cloud but he turn evil and tried to destroy the multiverse but Alfred booked him. In the end Matt and Lightning destroys his weather crystal and gets booked.

Appearance Edit

Dark Cloud is a monster with a big red eye. But his true look is that he's a white cloud with a blue eye and whit orange spikes and he has a monster's heart. He has a giant green crystal.

Abilities Edit

He can control the weather and create Sheep Cloud clones.