Dark Cloud is a supervillan that appeared in Tunder+Lightning Dark Cloud

In the series Edit

Lucius has a dream about his imaginary friend whose gone crazy. So Tenoroc summons Dark Cloud Luciens old imagenery friend,to seek reveng at him buy creathing a big Sheep Cloud army to make the biggest tvister ever.When Matt arives Matt tells him what happend and Lucien tells Matt about who he maid Dark Cloud,Lucien was seven and diden t have any friends so he created Sheep Cloud butt he turn evil and trud to destroy the multivers butt Alfred bookd him.In the end Matt and Lightning destroys his weather cristal and gets bookd.

Appearance Edit

Dark Cloud is a monster whit a big red eye. But his tru look is thath his a whit cloud with a blu eye and whit orange spiks and he is the monster's heart. He has a giant green crystal.

Abilities Edit

He can control the wheather and creat Sheep Cloud clones.

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