Zombie Boss is back from the dead.He must find the map that shows every water source in the Sea of Sands so to put his zombifying red dust into everu oases,so if the Alhaberiens drink the water they will be zombies.It s becaes Tenoroc wants to find the legendary Sand People.

Plot Edit

Tenoroc discoverse that in the Sea of Sands there are the legendary and Powerfull Sand People.They are a powerfull group of people who rebel agaist Tenoroc and there leader is a powerfull man called Ian.To find them he resummons Zombie Boss again.His mission is to find Gomez and make him open the Keepers Cave and give him the Map of all the water locations in the Sea of Sands.So who ever drinks it will become a Zombie.But fiirst he neads a army of zombies and eat some brain to refule.When Lightning,Gomez and Roxie arrive everion in Alhabar was Zombified and Roxie was once again captured by Zombie Boss.When Matt arrives he,Gomez and Lightning must find a way to defeat Zombie Boss.But they are found and now Matt is alone again.Just before he wa about to give up he was discovered by the Sand People.After Matt meets Ian he told him that Alfred and Him are old friennds and he,Jekyll(before turning into a villain)Alfred and Gomezes dad use to be a team,but one day Tenoroc and a cople of villains atack his city and destroyed it.But they survaived and bild a underground town.When people of Alhabar see a couple of his people opening doors in the sand they got the nickname the Sand People.Becaes of Zombie Boss the Sand People can t drink any water.Now whith Ian s help Matt and the Sand People go to Carnival City and to find a supersonic weapon that capabel of defeathing Zombie Boss.Now they must drink the water to lour Zombie boss into there trap after a fight they use the supersonic weapon on Zombie Boss.In the end Zombie Boss s brain pops and he gets booked and now Matt and the gang have a new friend and a new allie againts Tenorocas evil.

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