This world is full of raibow like dinosaurs and cavepeople who s launguich only lightning understands.

Location Edit

Volcano field

Jungle near of the Volcano king

Cavepeoples village

Dino moution

Gaizer moution

The grand statue of the dino king

Mamuth Graveyard

Tar swamp

Wield animal moution

Animals Edit

Hyena wolfs(Mamuth graveyard)

Saber-long teet tigers(peacefull creature the volcano moutions)

Volcanic Lions (living in the Volcano king)

Dino-roo (jungle)

Rainbow Dinosaurs(dino moution)

Teras(peacefull creatures the jungle)

The Mole peole (undergroud)

Leader Edit

Lightning(before) Dala(now)

Villans Edit



Prince Azulon(as Tenorocs spy)

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