6. Dr. Fossil

Doctor Fossil is a scientist on dinosaurs (Paleontologist) and villain who appeared in episode 6 season 1 Doc Fossil, and his second appearance is in episode 3 of season 3 Jurassic City.

Appearance Edit

Doctor Fossil has a round orange dish on his chest called the Amber Heart. His skin is orange, and scaly, with white hair like a old man, but he has the strength and health of one much younger, he wears orange camouflage pants, and a glove he uses to control his dinosaurs. He also used a jacket to hide the Heart.

Personality Edit

Doctor Fossil is a crazy professor and the master of a hungry dinosaur army, and his is the first fossil and the first discovered per fossils of dinosaurs, Has a great power and never must not underestimated his abilities and expertise on the world of dinosaurs (Palaeontology). He wants to discover all their hidden secrets throughout the ages and the very old contracts.

In The Show Edit

Lord Tenoroc summoned him in the Sea of Sands to find and reanimate The Ultimate Demon Beast to create a chaos in the multiverse and destroy Matt Hatter and his friends and expelled them from the multiverse forever.

Abilities Edit

Doctor Fossil can revive dinosaurs using his amber heart and instruct them to destroy everything and spread chaos in everywhere, He can also release and create the ultimate demon beast T-rex the massive devastating in a multiverse, he can also release energy blasts using his Amber Heart which is powerful enough to break rocks. Doc Fossil is an extremely evil genius and very dangerous.

Weakness Edit

He can be defeated easily by breaking his Amber Heart situated on his chest. This causes him to lose his ability revive monsters.