Sea of Ages Edit

An eclipse is happening in the Sea of Sands and Tenoroc hears that if he absorbs it, then it will make him more powerful, but if he combines it with time, his prison dimension will be ripped open! So with the Triple Sphere's power to summon four villains, he summons Planeterror, Romaniac, Isis and Doc Fossil to absorb it with Planeterror's weakness being if he gets to close to the sun and Romanic can't be hit with his own sword! Will Matt be able to send these bozos back in time or will he be eclipsed?

Carnival Creeper Edit

Teneroc summons the creeper, a green faced monster with big bat wings and has the power to turn people into dust. The creeper rampages through Carnival city looking for his long lost golden eye which is powerful enough to set Tenoroc free. But the eye can also unlock a new realm if the creeper is defeated and booked and if he stares at the eye.

Through The Looking Glass Edit

Lord Teneroc summons McIcely to split the Enchanted Forest into 4 quarters. After these 4 quarters are made, they will slowly disentgrate into 4 more quarters and then 4 more until it just looks like a minefield. Matt and the gang can't stop them, but they'll need to get 3 more villains on their side to win!

Double Act Edit

Lord Teneroc summons Replicator to make a duplicate of Matt so he cause trouble in the Multiverse and give the real Matt a bad name. Will they stop this fraud in time?

Spell Bonding Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Marlac a young wizard with white hair and blue eyes. Roxie falls in love with Marlac, and together they have to find in the Enchanted Forest; a white book that can free him. But when he appeared, his spirit was free and his body was trapped. Meanwhile, Roxie checks the book and discovers that the names have change,and then she realizes thath Dregon was the wizard and Marlac was the dragon. Will Matt defeat this dragon and save the forest from it's doom?

A Former Monster Edit

Teneroc summons King Long-John, a deformed blue puppy elf hybrid to turn Carnival City into lapis lazuli and rubies and also turning it's citizens into gold statues! Now Matt must save Carnival City and make King Long-John eat his own dust.

Spark On! Edit

In Carnival City, Lord Tenoroc summons Kuchisake-onna (aka The Slit Mouthed Woman) to cut all the Street Kids' mouths open. So in order to save everyone, Matt once again summons Captain Lightning to help him defeat Kuchisake-onna by stealing her scissors. But can he trust Lightning to stop her or will both their faces be cut open?

Lightning's Chance Edit

Matt begins to wonder if Captain Lightning, who is now free from his cell again, would be a valuable asset to his team so he decides to give him a second chance, but his friends aren't sure because they still don't trust Lightning. Meanwhile, Lord Tenoroc summons Road Killer to run all the Street Kids over like road kill with his powerful motorcycle. But soon, Lightning gets a chance to prove himself that he can be a good guy by defeating Road Killer and later Matt books him.

The Ultimate Super Decision Edit

Captain Lightning is still struggling from choosing between joining Matt Hatter's team or staying loyal to Lord Tenoroc's army. But when Tenoroc sends Bad Lightning to bring him back, Matt and his friends come to the rescue and try to book him in the Villain Vault, just to replace the real Lightning. Captain Lightning decides to help, but which side will he choose?

A New AllyEdit

Now that Captain Lightning is on Matt Hatter's team, Matt is more determined to free his grandfather and defeat Tenoroc with his help! But then, Lightning's anger and revenge on Tenoroc gets the best of him. Meanwhile, Lord Tenoroc doesn't find it very interesting since Captain Lightning quits being his super villain so he sends out Robo-Ton to take Lightning down. Then, Captain Lightning learns a lesson about teamwork and friendship after Matt saves him and fights Robo-Ton for him.

Home Sweet Warehouse Edit

The Street Kids, Roxie, and Gomez makes a new home for Captain Lightning in the Warehouse. But are interrupted by Phibious who is back for not only revenge but to wreck the plans for Lightning's new home. Can Matt put him back in the villain vault to save Captain Lightning's home sweet new home?

Return Of The Time Changer Part 1: Edit

Tenoroc releases Toc Tic, Tic Toc's twin brother and try's to change the out come of Matt Hatter and Prowler so he can get The 3 life cells which tenorec did not reclaim and they are: Marlin,Basim and Phibious But as Matt Roxie and Gomez are battling TOC TIC, Gomez suddenly recognises some thing He's seen before.

Return Of The Time Changer Part 2: Edit

When Toc Tic completes his mission he puts Roxie Matt Hatter in a time loop state and Gomez See's a Navi key in Toc Tic's Clockwork Battery pack Chest. Will Gomez be able to stop Tenoroc and save his Friends or let Tenoroc Destroy the Multiverse Once and for ALL???

Night of the Headless HorsemanEdit

Halloween is coming! But Matt's plans change when Lord Tenoroc summons the Headless Horseman who is looking for his head. Now it's a race against time before Halloween midnight and for the Horseman's head! But who will get it first?

On A Sour Note Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons DisHarmony to spread her awful singing in Carnival City to make the whole city fall apart. Now Matt and his friends must fight her music with their own music. But is their music strong enough to defeat DisHarmony?

Hatter On Ice Edit

Christmas is finally here! But Matt Hatter's plans for the holidays change when Lord Tenoroc releases the Ice King to turn The Sea of Sands into a not so wonderful winter wonderland and freeze the water into ice. Now Matt, Captain Lightning, Roxie, and Gomez must sled, skate, and snowboard their way to his ice castle and end this winter.

Cat Got Your Tongue?Edit

Prowler returns to make more kitty mischief and she's got her eyes set on Captain Lightning! But why could she ask for his help though? It's up to Matt, Roxie, and Gomez to solve this mystery and follow their path to the Pit of Pirates.

Cursed Hearts Edit

It's Valentine's Day and Matt decides to buy a box of chocolates for Roxie this year. Meanwhile, Tenoroc decides to end the love in the Region of Ruins by summoning Ares, the god of hatred and war to make the Harmonians cruel and hateful. Does Matt have enough love to defeat Ares and confess his feelings for Roxie?

Bright but Dim Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Dim Grey to take the colors out of the Enchanted Forest and turn everything and everyone dark and gray. Now the only way for Matt to bring the colors back is to get the color tank from Dim's back and crack it open. But how will he get it without getting his colors drained out?

Switcharoo! Edit

Matt and Gomez grow tired of Roxie and Captain Lightning's fighting and arguments and wishes that they will know what it's like to walk in each others' shoes. Meanwhile, Tenoroc summons Switcharoo, a monster that switches peoples' minds! Just as things get even worse is that he ends up switching Captain Lightning and Roxie's bodies and now they must learn to walk in each other's shoes and use their new powers to stop Switcharoo and get themselves back to normal!

Villain Volleyball Edit

5. Cyber Racer
11. Flint Phoenix
Lord Tenoroc's Triple Sphere has grown more stronger that he summons Flint Phoenix, Cyber Racer, Phibous, and Prowler and Switch in the Sea of Sands to challenge Matt and his friends to a game of volleyball. But Captain Lightning begins to doubt his abilities after Flint discourages him and it's up to Matt to help him gain his confidence back.

A Shocking Surprise! Edit

Captain Lightning's battery almost runs out of energy after helping Matt and his friends book another villain in the Region of Ruins, but they manage to bring him back to Carnival City. Meanwhile, Lord Tenoroc releases Frankenstein to steal the blue lightning from the storms of Carnival City so Captain Lightning would become weak! Can Matt save the blue lightning in time and book Frankenstein's monster before it's lights out for Captain Lightning?

Nightmare on Street Kids Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases Night Mare to give the Street Kids bad dreams, including Captain Lightning. Matt, Roxie, and Gomez must now travel in the dream world to defeat Night Mare by facing their own fears and helping their friends escape their dreams! But can Gomez and Lightning survive their greatest fears or will it be a nightmare come true?

Fusion Fighters Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases Fusion Freak to fuse everyone in Carnival City. He then fuses Lucius with Capatin Lightning and Roxie with Gomez. Now Matt must try to defeat the Fusion Freak and split things back to normal. But how will he do it with a little help from some fusions who are having trouble controling one body?

Split Ends Edit

Tenoroc releases Hair-I-Cane the woman with living hair in the Region of Ruins to cause a hairy situation! Now Matt and the gang must put an end to her hairy plot by cutting their way to her end or it will it be a bad hair day for them!

Let Them Eat Poison CakeEdit

Toxic Season is summoned by Lord Tenoroc to bake a poisonous cake that might make Matt lose his memory, but Captain Lightning ends up eating it instead and now his memories are lost. Lord Tenoroc then uses his memory loss to make Lightning fight against Matt and finish him and his friends off. Will Matt help Captain Lightning recover his memories and bring him back on their side so they can defeat Toxic or will the captain's memories be gone forever?


Lord Tenoroc summons Jinx to bring bad luck to the Region of Ruins and Matt has been affected by her jinx. Now he is too clumsy to jump, glide, or slide to save the Multiverse and can't even walk without tripping or falling but what's worse is that he's got butter fingers so Matt decides to bench himself until things are normal. Gomez takes the blame and decides to stop Jinx by himself since he thinks it's his fault, but he then learns that he can't do it alone! Can Matt rescue Gomez and stop Jinx without his moves or his good luck?

Birthday Bash Edit

It's Roxie's birthday and everyone forgot! Except Matt... Now he has to plan the perfect birthday surprise for her. But when Teneroc sends S S Sam to spoil the surprise and make Roxie hate him forever, is it still going to turn out the way he wants it to?

The Amazon's Revenge Edit

Tenoroc summons the Amazon Queen aka (the amazon spell caster) in the Enchanted Forest to awake the spirits of the amazons and make them attack the people. Suddenly, Matt remembers a movie about the Amazon Queen, she attacks males so she can make a world with only girls. Since Roxie is a girl and has Amazon blood in her, she must challenge the Amazon Queen and defeat her so her friends don't get the ultimate punishement.

Heart of Iron Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases Talos a robotic warrior to terrorize the Region of Ruins by crushing all the Harmonians and their home and now Matt and the gang must put a stop to his rampage by busting his gears!

Spring In To Action Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Spring-Heeled Jack on Carnival City to find the super spring to terrorize the Street kids, and it's up to Matt and the gang to stop him.

Revenge of the Monkey King Edit

Monkey King returns much stronger then ever because he got his crown back, which is why he got stronger. At the ending of The Curse of the Crystal Kingdom, Lord Tenoroc says something about Monkey King's crown continues after he's gone.The crown has the power to turn anyone into Monkey King's monkey ninja slaves, and with such power, it will destroy the owner and collapse the entire Multiverse. The Sea of Sands gets sand storms,Carnival City gets earthquakes, and the Region of Ruins gets big volcanoes.Can Matt and Gomez save everyone and stop Monkey King's wrath?

The Black CrowEdit

Tenoroc summons Aliana the Black Crow in Carnival City so she can resurrect her crow army and attack the Street Kids.She was also summoned to find the crows feather, her feather potion and the scepter of black magic so she can use a spell that can resurrect the ultimate crow; The Black Fire Crow! Now it's up Matt and his team to find the golden crow that can only defeat her.

Anything I Touch Edit

Tenoroc release King Midas in the Region of Ruins to turn everybody into gold! Now Matt, Roxie, Captain Lightning, and Gomez must stop him before everybody stays gold forever.

Trust the bisunessman Edit

Roxie dosen t trust the bisnesman who is now free from the Omnioni who now makes new gadgets for the Streat Kids.Teneroc is wants to destroy the bisinissman so he summon Pinocchio a evil elf like puppet who every body part is a dangeres weapon.Can Mattdefeat this new villan and save his friends?

Riddle of The Sphinx Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases The Sphinx in the Sea of Sand. She has three riddles for Matt and the gang so they must think quick before time runs out.

Revenge of the Omni oni Edit

Tenoroc summons a demon beast called Omni Oni in Carnival City to go to a old Chinese shop and steal the special pendent so he can drink it and be strong to open a portal out of the pocket dimension and rule the Multiverse. But when Matt steals the pendent, the Omni oni kidnaps Roxie and makes a trade for Roxie. What will Matt do? If he gives the pendent to Omni Oni Tenoroc will be free, but if he dosen't Roxie will be who knows what. What will Matt choose?

The Scorpion Man Edit

Tenoroc summons Scorpion Man a half man and half scorpion with a giant tail. He was summond in the Sea of Sands so he can find the Scorpion emperor,a magical artifact with the power to control anyone who looks dearly at it. Matt and the team must stop this monster before it gets the scorpions emperor.Who will get the scorpion's emperor first?

Atack of the Mooser Edit

Tenoroc summons a moose monster called Mooser to use his power and drain all of Captain Lightning's energy with his giant horns that can absorb electrical energy. Matt needs to go to the lab that he was built in and find his weakness but Roxie is tired of fighting this monster and Captain Lightning is almost drained out. Now Matt and Gomez need to put four generators to suck all electricity from Mooser and they need to because Lightning is getting more weaker by the second.

The Return of the Imaginary Friend Edit

In Carnival City Bella's been having nightmares but when Lucius comes to see what she has been dreaming about and she remembers a name Teddy. When Tenoroc sends this he remembers a girl named Belina Shiny that again was a imaginary friend who gone crazy when she was nine years old.Then Tenoroc summoned Teddy.Teddy was summoned to scare Bella and turn all the Street Kids into his toys to play whit.When Matt appeared all the Streat Kids whear turned into toys but Bella wasn't and Gomez and Roxie were turned into toys. Matt,Lightning and Bella must beat this crazy bear. Bella remembers that Teddy dissappeard when she had friends,when she was older Teddy becam one of Tenoroc's villans. Matt thinks that if Bela make some new friends and play a game Teddy will go Hologram.

Dance of the UndeadEdit

Tenoroc summons the zombie Big T in Carnival City to use his music to control the Street Kids and turn them into his jazz zombies. He also summons his Jazz band Drummer N, Guitars Y and R while Big T plays a Saxophone and sings, they only have one song called Zombie Jazz. It's up to Matt, Roxie, Lucius, Gomez and Lightning to save everyone but there is only problem; the only way to defeat this guys is in a battle of bands!

Fist of Stone Edit

Tenoroc release The Golem in the Enchanted Forest to find legendary egg of The Golden Dragon. But when the egg hatches, a golden dragon baby is born and Matt names him Arthur. Can he and his friends protect their new friend or will he follow the Golem instead?

The Flight of The Moth Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Mothman to release an army of moths to terrorize Carnival City! Luckily, they don't stand a chance against Captain Lightning's light since moths can't resist light. But will his plan work?

Not Funny With A Carny Edit

Lord Tenoroc release Wack a One-Man Carny on Carnival City to cause mischief and it's up to Matt and the gang to stop him before things get wacky!

I Scream! You Scream! Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the Banshee in the Region of Ruins to spread her screams of pain to all the Harmonians.

Dead justces returnEdit

Tenorock summons Dead justice a zombie cowboy who shots demon bulets and he shoots whit his left hand.He was summond in Carnival City to scare the Streat Kids,at thath moment he chalenges Matt in 12:00 midnight on a shothing chaleng his seal blaster vs his demon gun.Who will win?

The Plant That Ate Everything Edit

Tenoroc summons Venus the half woman and half plant in Carnival City to eat everything in her path. Matt must now travel into her stomach to find her weakness and get everyone out before they get digested!


Tenoroc summons Inoring a gient read fat demon to eat all the food in Carnival City and eat the Street kids.Matt figures out that the Inorings one weakness is anything healthy like fruit or vegetables,then Roxie must find just one vegetable to defeat him.But the city is big and the monster can be anywhere in the hole Carnival City. how will it end?

The Keeper Who Cried Doll Girl Edit

Doll Girl is released in Carnival City by Tenoroc to turn the Street Kids, including Matt, Roxie, and Captain Lightning into rag dolls. Now it's up to Gomez to save his friends and stop Doll Girl before playtime is over.

Been There, Drawn That Edit

Picasso The Dark Artist is summoned by Lord Tenoroc to bring all his evil drawings and paintings to life so they can terrorize Carnival City. Now Matt and the gang must use their imaginations to draw and paint their own creations that might defeat Dark Artist's art creatures!

Roxie in Wonderland Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Alice in the Enchanted Forest to spread her insane wonderland imaginations and make everyone go insane. Now Roxie who wasn't affected is the only one left who can save her friends and put a stop to Alice's mad plot before she goes mad as well.

Now You See A Spy, Now You Don't Edit

In Steampuck Town Tenoroc summons The Invisible Man an invisible spy to steal the plans for a secret weapon. It's up to Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning to stop him if they can only see him.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Captain Nemo in Marine World but under the sea to find The Pearl of Wisdom.The Pearl of wisdom is pink jewel that can make give you smart beiond your amaginasion.It's up to Matt and the Gang to dive in and stop him.

Cloudy With A Chance of Imagination Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Magi a cloudy like creature who was Lucius' imaginary friend but his friend turns out to be a nasty fiend. Now Matt, Captain Lightning, Roxie, and Gomez must stop him before Lucius is stuck with him forever.

Your Luck Has Run Out Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons a leprechaun named Lucky in the Enchanted Forest to find his Pot of Gold. It's up to Matt and the gang to stop him before their luck runs out.

There He Blows Edit

Tenoroc released the great white whale Moby Dick to attack the under water kingdom of Atlantis in Marine World to steal Neptune's Triton to control the water. It's up to Matt and the gang to catch the big one.

The Puzzler's Puzzle Edit

In Steampuck Town Lord Tenoroc summons The Puzzler a supervillain that can change shape due being a living puzzle and turning anybody into a puzzle. Matt and the gang must stop him before they fall apart.

Your Under My Music Edit

Tenoroc summons The Pied Piper in Carnival City to put the street kids under his musical spell to do his bidding. Can Matt and the Multiverse Heroes stop The Pied Piper with their new song "Four Minds, One Team?"

The Way of The Jiangshi Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons a Jiangshi in the Region of Ruins that knows kung fu! Matt then challenges him to a kung fu showdown just to win his friends back and defeat him before it gets ugly.

Attack of The Slime Edit

Tenoroc released The Blob to slime Carnival City and the rest of the Multiverse! If Matt and the gang don't find a way to stop him, they'll be stuck in his slime!

Wings of Icarus Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Icarus in the Region of Ruins to find his wings but not if Matt and his friends get them first. But will they get his wings first and stop him before he flies away?

Tales From The Comic Strip Edit

In Steampuck Town Tenoroc summons Cosmic Comic, a supervillan that can suck anybody into his comic book and the only way to the free themselves is to defeat Cosmic's villains. Can Matt and the gang escape and stop him before they're stuck in his comic book forever?

Ring The Bells Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Quasimodo to steal the bell from the bell tower in Carnival City! Can Matt and gang stop him before Quasimodo ring them to deaf?

Treasure Island Edit

In Marine World Gomez finds a treasure map that leads to a mysterious Island. But when Lord Tenoroc finds out, he summons Long John Silver a peg-leg treasure hunter who takes the map out of Gomez's hand! Will Matt and the gang find the treasure before he finds it first?

Welcome to the Fiesta Edit

In The Sea of Sands, Lord Tenoroc summons Xibalba, a Mexican skeleton mariachi swordsmen that can take on Matt and the gang and summon his army of the undead. Can they stop him and his army before sunset?

Battle of The Bands Edit

In Steampunk Town Lord Tenoroc released Echo, a rocking & rolling musician with a megaphone in his chest that can cause chaos and total ear damage. Now it's up to Matt and the Multiverse Heroes to beat him in the Battle of the Bands.

The Puppeteer Edit

Lord Tenoroc summon The Puppet Master in Carnival City to control the Street Kids with strings attached to there bodies, including Captain Lightning, Roxie and Gomez. Can Matt stop the Puppet Master and cut the strings off him or will it be curtains for his friends?

Don't Change The Channel Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summons T.V. a supervillain robot who used a remote control to send people into the television. Can Captain Lightning stop him before he changes the channel?

Feud Fight Edit

Tired of Matt and his friends booking every one of his villains, Lord Tenoroc decides to end their friendship by summoning one of the Seven Deadly Sin spirits, Anger to spread his smoke of feud so everyone can fight and argue with each other. Now Matt who is unaffected by the smoke must stop Anger and book him. But how will he defeat him without his friends who are now fighting with each other?

Recipe For Disaster Edit

Tenoroc summons Chef Ghoulash in The Region of Ruins to use a magic cook book to make nasty recipes on the Harmonians and make them eat his food until they are too sick. Can Matt stop him and his cook book or will he lose his lunch?

Song of the Siren Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the siren Marina in Marine World so she sing a song to make Matt fall in love with her. Can Roxie stop her and break the spell on Matt before it's too late?

I.O.U. A UFO Edit

Matt and the gang go to Space Station Starlight while Lord Tenoroc summons UFO a little cute but dangerous flying saucer that can zap people into frozen statues. Now it's up to Matt and the gang to stop him before he takes off!

The Mind Control Edit

In Space Station Starlight, Lord Tenoroc released Cranium, a brain in a robotic suit to control the minds of anybody, including Roxie and Gomez. Can Matt and Captain Lightning stop him before it's too late?

The Fastest Gun in Space Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Sparky the kid a cowboy android to terrorize Space Station Starlight. Now Matt must challenge this robo bandit to a showdown. But who will win?

Bloody Mary Edit

In Carnival City Lord Tenoroc releases a mirror spirit known as Bloody Mary with a hypnotic stare that can make your eyes pure white. So when Gomez accidentally says her names three times, she takes him to the mirror world and now it's up to Matt, Roxie, and Captain Lightning to stop her and save Gomez before the portal to the real world closes.

Livewire Edit

Tenorock summons Livewire a electrical supervillan who wears a black outfit with a lightning symbol on it. She was summon to mess with the Carnival City electrical system, so she can make the whole city her on studio to control. Lightning's useless against her because she has sucked up all of his energy. Who will help Matt defeat this villain and save the whole Carnival City now?

Stop Cloning Around Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Dr. Clone a supervillain that can copy himself to steal space crystals in Space Station Starlight? How can Matt and the gang stop him now?

To Catch A Train Edit

Tenoroc summons Sir Locomotive a train knight like supervillain in Train island to steal a golden nail. Can Matt and his friends stop this train and get the nail first?

Rhyme All The Time Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Cursery Rhyme in the Enchanted Forest to capture Matt and the gang in her Cursery rhyme book. She first traps Matt in to Old King Cole, Roxie in to Little Bo Peep, Gomez in to Humpty Dumpty, and Captain Lighting in The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. Can they escape and stop her or will they be stuck in the nursery rhymes forever?

Do The Twister Edit

In the Sea of Sands Lord Tenoroc releases Dr. Tornado to make a big hurricane to destroy everything in it's path. Can Matt and Captain Lightning stop him with some lightning power before they get blown away?

The Mask of Mr. No-Face Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Mr. No-Face a faceless villain that can make masks of other people to confuse them and Matt and his friends must stop him. But who can they trust?

Test Your Fate Edit

In the Region of Ruins Lord Tenoroc releases The Fate Master to sealed the fate for Matt and the gang. The only way to survive their fates is to pass a test. But can they take his test or will their fates be sealed?

Gruesome Twosome Edit

In Marine World, Lord Tenoroc summons a 7 headed sea monster named Scylla and another named Charybdis who can make his whirlpool that can swallow the whole city and it's people! Can Matt and the gang stop them and the whirlpool before things get gruesome?

Bombs Away Edit

Tenoroc summons Bombaboy in Steampunk Town to blow up the town with a big bomb. Can Matt and the gang stop him before they get blown away?

The Hatter Code Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Code Master in Steampunk Town to break into the museum to steal The Hope Diamond. Can Matt and the gang stop him or will he get away with the Diamond?

Can You Do The Doodle Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc releases a living graffiti name Doodle Boy who is making mischief by spray painting anything in his path. How can Matt and the gang stop and his troublesome artwork?

Beware of The Lantern Edit

In Carnival City Lord Tenoroc releases the infamous Jack O' Lantern the pumpkin headed fiend to find his magical lantern and terrorize the Street Kids. Can Matt and his friends stop him before it's too late?

Day and Nightshade Edit

In the Sea of Sand Tenoroc summons a ghastly fiend name Nightshade a supervillain that can cover people with his cloak of darkness. He plans to cover the sun in darkness and summon all the creatures of the night forever. Can Matt and the gang cut his cloak before it's lights out?

The Haunting Music of The Ghostly Maestro Edit

In The Region of Ruins, Lord Tenoroc summons Floatzart, a ghostly maestro that can control musical instruments. Can Matt stop this ghostly fiend's musical show or will he plays them a different and deadly tune?

The Rise of Astro Edit

In Space Station Starlight, Lord Tenoroc releases the stations former captain, Astro a giant like robot to take control of the station. Can they stop robotic creep before it's too late?

Matt Hatter And His Merry Men Edit

In the Enchanted Forest, Tenoroc summons the outlaw Robin Hood to steal all the riches from everyone. Can Matt and the gang stop him and get all the stolen items back before it's too late?

The Queen of ice Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the ice Queen and sends her and her gient magic mirror to the Enchanted Forest to make an eternel winter so everyone would be sick from hunger and the cold. Matt has to find the East Eagel an Indian woman who has a magic potion that will destroy the Snow Queen's mirror. Now it's up to Matt, Gomez and tree trolls who are sick and tired of the Ice Queen. She kidnapped Lightning because he destroyed her mirror of ice and two pieces have fallen in his head and heart, and Roxie can't help because she was frozen in ice. Will Matt save the Enchanted Forest and stop the Snow Qeen from hurting his friends to get the pieces?

Enter The Fog Edit

In Steampunk Town Lord Tenoroc releases Mr. Fog to make big mist that separates Matt from his friends! Will he ever find them and defeat Fog or will he be lost in the fog forever?

Matt Hatter Meets The Mad Hatter Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Mad Hatter in The Enchanted Forest to use his hats on people to change there personalities, and now Matt's friends are under his spell. Can Matt stop this mad man or has he met his match?

Hatter And The Hares Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the Hare Bros like the ones on monster rancher in The Enchanted Forest to give Matt and the gang a hopping trouble. Can Matt stop these bouncing bunnies?

Dance By The Light of The Moonbeam Edit

Teneoroc summons Dr. Moonbeam in Carnival City to use the power of moonlight for his ray gun and end the dawn! Can Matt and the gang stop him before the sun never shines again?

Dee and Dumber Edit

In The Enchanted Forest Lord Tenoroc summons Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to cause some trouble which starts to drive every one nuts! Can Matt stop this guys before things get crazy?

Sherlock Hatter And The Hounds of The Multiverse Edit

In Carnival City, Lord Tenoroc releases Prof. Moriarty to hypnotize the howlers to make them attack the Street Kids. Meanwhile, Captain Lightning befriends a howler puppy that might help them defeat him. But how can a little puppy help Matt and the gang stop the professor? And will they ever defeat him before they're dog food?

Three's A Crowd Edit

In the Region of Ruins Tenoroc summons Geryon a three-body giant that challenges Matt and the gang to a battle and now they stop this menace before he crushes them too?

How To Catch A Bogle Edit

In Carnival City, Lord Tenoroc releases Alfred the Bogler who summons Bogles! Some black soot dog like creature by singing a song to attack the Street Kids! How can Matt and the gang catch this creep and stop his monsters if there are too many?

Rise of The Dark Dragon Lord Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Dark Dragon in The Enchanted Forest to claim the throne of the dragon kingdom. Now, Matt and the gang must stop him with Arthur The Gold Dragon's help to claim what's rightfully his before the dragon kingdom falls.

Bubbles of The Bubbler Edit

Tenoroc summons The Bubbler in the Sea of Sands to trap people in his bubbles and things are getting bubbly for Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning. Can they pop these bubbles of troubles once and for all?

Chasin' That Neon Phantom Edit

In Steampunk Town, Lord Tenoroc summons The Neon Phantom to cause a blackout and cut the power! Can Matt and the gang stop this neon creep before it's too late?

Not So Dandy With A Dandy Highwayman Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Dandy Highwayman in Carnival City to charm the girls, even Roxie. Can Matt and the boys catch this highwayman before he gets away?

Everything is Junk Edit

In a Steampunk Town junkyard Lord Tenoroc releases Junky the human junk that can make a weapon with junk to terrorize everyone! Will Matt stop this junk fiend before it's too late?

Shadows of the Night Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases Shadow in Carnival City to summon all the Street Kids' shadows, including Matt, Gomez, Roxie, and Captain Lightning's shadows and turn them into dark and red eyed vampire-like versions of themselves that can only feed on life energy so they can become real. Can the team ever defeat their own shadows and stop Shadow with a little light or will the shadows rule the night forever?

Thunder VS Lightning Edit

Lord Tenoroc is sick of seeing Captain Lightning helping Matt book all his villains so he releases Lightning's worst nightmare in Carnival City, Captain Thunder! Who happens to be Lightning's brother but fat and yellow. Can Lightning stop his own brother and save his friends?

Sea Of Power Edit

Tenoroc releases Esmeralda the evil mermaid in Marine World with her magic pearl necklace that can transform Roxie into a swordfish and Gomez into a guppy, and now she starts transforming everyone into her mutant fish army. Now Matt and Captain Lightning are in a fishy situation and must work together to get Esmeralda's necklace so they can smash it and return their friends back to normal. But will they break the spell or are they fish food?

Baba Yaga Strikes Back Edit

In the Region of Ruins, Lord Tenoroc summons Baba Yaga to terrorize the Harmonians by poisoning the air with some deadly nightshade. Now Matt and his friends must stop her and the nightshade, but with all the hallucinations, how will they ever tell the difference between reality and made up?

Here's Claws in Your Face Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases Circe in the Region of Ruins and turns all the Harmonians into animals by tricking them into eating her foods and drinking her special wine. But to make matters worst is that she turns Matt and the gang into different kinds of wild cats. Matt becomes a tiger, Roxie into a cheetah, Gomez into a panther, and Lightning into a lion! Now in their wild cat forms, they must learn to use their new claws and paws to beat Circe in a cat fight and change back to their human forms.

The Weeping Woman Edit

Tenoroc release La Llorona in Carnival City to terrorize the Street Kids and lure them into the black lagoon, including Gomez! Now Matt and the others must venture deep into the black lagoon to save their friends, but will they swim or sink?

A Haunting We Will Go Edit

In The Wacky Jungle, Tenoroc summons The Haunter a ghost that wears safari clothes and hat to capture all the people and cage them. How can Matt and the gang stop this hunter without getting a spare in them?

Which Witch Doctor Is Which Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the witch doctor Mamba Wamba in The Wacky Jungle to use his jungle magic and turn the people into wacky animals. Now it's up to Matt and the gang to stop him and return the people to normal before it gets weird.

Welcome To The Circus Edit

Tenoroc summons The Rascally Ringmaster in Carnival City to make the Street Kids his own circus performers. Can Matt stop him or is he in the ride of his life?

Who's Afraid of The Boogeyman Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases the infamous Boogeyman to scare the Street Kids including Matt since he knows about him when he was a kid. Can his friends help him face his fears or will it be too late?

Keep off The Grass Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Gardener a scarecrow like groundskeeper with ground tools for weapons that can pierce through a track tire! Can Matt and the gang mow this scarecrow down or will they be the grass that needs cutting?

Jazzhands Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Jazzhands The Mad Mime in Steampunk Town to use he mime power on everyone and now Matt and the gang must stop this mimic maniac! But how will they stop this menacing mime if he keeps copying their moves?

Welcome To The Wax Museum Edit

In the Steampunk Town wax museum Tenoroc summons Candle Wax to turn people into his wax figures for his own museum and now has capture Captain Lightning! Can Matt and the gang stop him and save their or will they be part of his display?

Journey To The Center of The Multiverse Edit

Tenoroc summons Dr. Drill in the Sea of Sands to drill into the center and Matt and the gang follow him down but when they got their they encounter strange things. Can they find Dr. Drill and stop him?

Arthur In Love Edit

In The Enchanted Forest, Arthur The Gold Dragon is not only he got in his kingdom but there is something missing in his kingdom. He needs a queen but soon he falls in love with a crystal dragon named Crystal. Meanwhile, Lord Tenoroc must stop this by releasing Morgan le Fay the evil witch to capture Crystal. Can Matt and his friends help Arthur get back his love from le Fay? But the surprise part the two dragons kiss.

Checkmate Edit

In The Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons Checkmate the chess master who turns anyone he beats into his pieces and now Matt must stop him and get his friends back by playing his game. But how will he beat him when he doesn't know how to play?

Stay Out of The Limelight Edit

In Steampunk Town at night, Lord Tenoroc summons Limelight a supervillain that can hardness the power of light to blind everyone, including Matt, Roxie, and Gomez. Can Captain Lightning turn off his lights with his lightning powers?

The Wrath of A Chinese Warlord Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Chang an evil Chinese warlock to reclame his 10 magical rings 2 in Steampunk Town, 3 in Carnival City, 4 in Marine World, and 1 in The Sea of Sands. Can Matt stop him in time before it's too late?

Don't Eat The Pizza's Face Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summons Pizza Face a pizza chief that his pizza can make you eat them and turn you into pizza face zombie. Can Matt and the burn this chef's plans before it's too late?

Spellbound Edit

In Carnival City, Lord Tenoroc summons Spellbinder a three-eyed master of illusion to confused the Street Kids, including Matt and the gang that gets them seperated. How can they stop him when they are caught in his illusions?

Matt Hatter And The Ghostly Adventures Edit

In the Region of Ruins Tenoroc summons Dr. Portal to make portal get rid of Matt but something went wrong he and the gang suck in the portal and they in up in Pac-World were their they meet Pac-Man, Cyil, Spiral, and The Ghost Gang. Can they find Dr. Portal and get to stop him and get back to the Multiverse or things get ghostly?

A Laser Sword Fight Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases the space pirate Captain Laser to attack Space Station Starlight and now Matt and the gang must battle this pirate to a laser sword fight. But who will they win?

Release Dr. Kraken Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Dr. Kraken 8 arm mad scientist to make his evil experiments in Marine World and release his crazy inventions to enslave the people. Can Matt and the gang stop him before it's too late?

Going Up Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summon Elevator who has the ability to transport people into his elevator to a different dimension. Can Matt and the gang save their friends and defeat Elevator?

Enter The Mecha Realm Edit

In Space Station Starlight, the people of the station detect a strange object a robot-like gentleman named Lord Scrapperton who was summon by Tenoroc to attack the station. Can Matt and the gang stop him by entering the mecha realm?

Your Late For A Very Important Date Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the White Rabbit in The Enchanted Forest to use her magical watch to take care of Matt and the gang! Can they stop her before it's literally too late?

Don't Jest The Jester Edit

In The Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons The Jester to cause something silly Now Matt and his friends must play his games before things gets even more silly!

Strange Weather Were Having Edit

In Steampunk Town something is wrong with the weather pattern because Tenoroc summons The Weather Boy to cause chaos by bringing snow and rain! Will Matt and the gang stop him before the weather gets out of control?

A Magnet Cham Edit

In Steampunk Town Lord Tenoroc summons Magnet Boy to magnetics everything with his magnet powers can Matt and the gang stop him before its to late.

Do The Yo-Yo Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Yo-Yo Master to battle Matt and the gang. But can they bet him before things get tangled up in a knot?

Eat Your Veggies Edit

In Steampunk Town Lord Tenoroc summons Veggie Boy to make people eat his veggies. How can Matt fight this vegetarian freak now?

Quest For The Crystal Skull Edit

In The Wacky Jungle, Lord Tenoroc summons Robo Cortes! A Spanish conquistador cyborg to go into the jungle temple to find The Crystal Skull to use its jungle powers and control the minds of the wacky jungle's people. Will Matt and the gang get the skull first before Robo Cortes does?

I Was A Teenage Werecat! Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases the Werecat in Carnival City to scratch Matt and his friends into shreds. But to make matters worse is that she scratches Captain Lightning and now has him transforming erratically and uncontrollably into a Werecat and back again! Can Matt, Roxie, and Gomez defeat the Werecat and find a cure for their friend or will he stay in the alley eating fish bones out of the trash?

To Catch A Dream Catcher Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Dream Catcher in Steampunk Town to steal people's good dreams. Can Matt and the gang stop him without their dreams?

The Bride of Zombie Boss Edit

In Carnival City, Lord Tenoroc summons Zombie Boss's bride to be, Zombie Bossy and commands her to plant her zombifying crystals around the city so they can grow into zombie crystal flowers that spreads red pollen which can zombify all of Carnival City, and also steal the Chronicles to release her husband to be, Zombie Boss so they can start their wedding night of the living dread! Now Matt who must wear his Multi-Vision Specs to protect his eyes from the pollen, must stop Zombie Bossy's flowers and save his friends. But can he do it alone?

Let The Games Begin Edit

Tenoroc releases Sporty! A ghoul like sportsman that can play any sport and challenges Matt in each sport in the Multiverse. Can Matt prove him that he can play all the sports or will it be strike out?

Obey The Signal's Signs Edit

Tenoroc summons Signal Face in Steampunk Town who has the power to make people his signs with his face. How Matt and the gang change the signal to stop him without being spotted?

I Struck Gold Edit

In a place called Tombstone Tenoroc summons a ghostly Miner to steal the gold from the minds. Can Matt and the gang stop this ghastly claim jumper before its to late.

I See Danger In Your Future Edit

Tenoroc releases Gypsy an evil future teller in Carnival City to use her magical crystal ball to cause trouble for Matt and the gang can they stop her before its to late.

The Curse of The Wendigo Edit

In Tombstone, Tenoroc summons a wild beast know as The Wendigo to attack Matt and the gang while trying to find "it." But what could it be? Then they meet a man named Daniel but what they don't that his the beast. Can they stop him before he uses a mysterious relic that makes his screams turn all the men into his Wendigo army?

Davy Jones Locker Edit

In Marine World Tenoroc releases the infamous Davy Jones who summons The Flying Dutchmen to find his magical pirate sword to conquer the sea can Matt and the gang stop him before they end up,in Davy Jones' locker?

The Catch of The Day Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Pappy Sargassi a ghostly fishermen he use his fishing rod to catch the Street Kids. Its up to Matt and the gang to stop him before they catch him.

Two Brains Are Better Are One Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summons Dr. Two-Brains a supervillain with two brains to make a ray gun and cause chaos can Matt and the gang stop him.

Meat Is Bad For You Edit

In Carnival City Lord Tenoroc Summons The Butcher who have the power to produce copious amounts of any kind of meat and make people to eat can Matt and the gang stop The Butcher before its to late.

Let's Party Marty Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summons Party Marty who use party favors to make people party can Matt and the gang stop him before they in up at the a life of the party.

It's All A Blank Edit

In the Region of Ruins, Lord Tenoroc summons Mr. Blank who has a ray gun that can shoot memory loss rays that blank out people's memories and now he's got Gomez! Will Gomez remember anything and help his friends?

Spooky Town Edit

In Tombstone, Matt and the gang find that two kids where kidnapped by the phantom riders and the their leader Ghost Town Gus who was summons by Tenoroc to take them to a spooky place called Ghost Town. Will they stop them before thing get to spooky?

The Final Cinderella Edit

In the Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons Godmother a mysterious powerful witch who is thousands years old and is searching for the legendary pure hearted Cinderella so she can use her new havoc powers to take over the Multiverse and it turns out that Roxie is the Final Cinderella! Can Matt save her in time before midnight strikes?

Sleeping Roxie Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons the Evil Fairy to spread deadly briars all over Carnival City and Roxie pricks her finger on the thorns and then falls asleep. Can Matt save her before she sleeps for a hundred years?

Time To Munch Edit

In Steampunk Town Tenoroc summons Lockjaw who munch anything with a brace like jaws to munch everywhere in town and now it's up to Matt and the gang to stop him before he munches them first.

Enter The Funhouse Edit

In Carnival City Lord Tenoroc summons a clown named Funhouse to make the Street Kids enter his funhouse and Matt and the gang go in as well. But as they find it fun at first, things start to get wacky and scary. Can they escape this madhouse and save their friends before they're trapped forever?

Wing It On! Edit

In the Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons Marie the Fallen Angel to release her dark magic and turn all the people into her mindless slaves so she can get them to do what she wants them to do. Luckily, Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning, along with some winged horses they befriended are in it to wing it and stop Marie's magic once and for all! But can a little wing power defeat Marie or will they fall hard?

The Wrath of The Mad Doctor Edit

In Carnival City, Tenoroc summons The Mad Doctor to his old castle to make his own evil experiments and he's kidnapped Gomez to work on him! Can Matt, Roxie, and Captain Lightning stop him before he turns Gomez into a mutant?

Your On Camera Edit

In a place called Creepy Movie Studios Lord Tenoroc summons Camera Face to use his cameras to keep an eye on Matt and his friends. If they can't watch out for his traps, how can they find him?

That Some Special Effects Edit

Tenoroc summons Effects Boy in Creepy Movie Studios to use his special effects box to pull off any special effects on the team in the studio. Can they stop him before his effects take over?

Lights On! Edit

Teneroc summons Flash Bomb to terrorize Creepy Movie Studios with his flash bombs! Can Matt stop this threat before the studio goes bright?

Send In The Stunt Double Edit

In Creepy Movie Studios Tenoroc summons Stunt Man to make some of his stunt tricks on Matt's friends. Can Matt do some stunts of his own to stop him?

Make-Up Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Make-Up Boy in Creepy Movie Studios to use make-up on Matt and his friends and to make matters worse is that he's got Roxie! Can they stop him before things get messy?

The Vodun clan Edit

Tenoroc summons Baron Samedi a woody chant whit white eyes and whit the power to resurrect the dead, butt to do thath he neds dead bodys.He was summond to kill the Street Kids and make his Vodun army,and alsou this guy can due magic voody magic.Lightning is the onlie one thath can save them butt who willhe do it?

Lights, Camera , Screams Edit

Tenoroc summons the Creepy Movie Studios' old Detractor Creepy to trap Matt and the gang in each scary scenes. Matt in The Shining, Roxie in You're Next, Gomez in Poltergeist, and Captain Lighting in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Can the team escape their fates from the movie nightmares?

Well You Check In Edit

In Creepy Movie Studios, Lord Tenoroc summons a Poltergeist in the Hotel of Terror to trap Matt and the gang so he can do his ghostly trick on them. However, almost everyone is caught in his traps. Can Matt save his friends and stop this poltergeist?

Open Sesami Edit

Tenoroc sumonds Alibaba the king of thieves with the skull for a face in the Sea of Sands. Tenoroc orders Alibaba to find his 40 thieves and find the stolen treasure in the Sesami cave. In the Sesami cave there is a demonic wishing eye thath can grant you any wish, like say Teneroc's freedom. Will Tenoroc be free, or will Matt booked Alibaba for good?

Misery Loves Company Edit

Lord Tenoroc grows tired of hearing laughter in the Region of Ruins so he sends Teardrop the make rain clouds on all the Harmonians so they can become miserable just like her. Now it's up to Matt and his friends to save the happiness and end the rain. But now Teardrop has got Roxie and Gomez in tears! Now how will Matt and Captain Lightning defeat her? And will a little bit of pranks and jokes stop her?

The Orb to Freedom Edit

Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning find a mysterious orb in the Region of Ruins that might be the key to freeing Alfred Hatter. But when Lightning accidentally breaks it in half, Matt secretly becomes mad at him and tries to hide his anger but makes it worse when Lord Tenoroc summons Hades the god of the underworld. Will Matt overcome his anger and book Hades for good?

Featuring The OST theme, Lost My Pieces from Toradora!

Whodunit Edit

In Creepy Movie Studios Matt and the gang play a whodunit role in The Mystery Mansion. Matt as a detective, Roxie as a baroness, Gomez as a professor, and Captain Lighting as a Colonel but something is wrong with is game. Someone is trying to get rid of them but when an inspector came to help out, it turns out his not an inspector, he is Mr. Impostor who was summon by Tenoroc. Can Detective Matt stop him before he escapes?

The Dark Medjai Edit

In the Enchanted Forest Tenoroc summons The Dark Medjai to use his dark magic on the Wizard Academy with his magic scimitar. Now the team must fight magic with magic!

The Cobra Strike Edit

In the Sea of Sands, Lord Tenoroc summons Apep a Cobra-Naga like villain to attack Matt and his friends with his poisonous bite! Will the team find a cure for this deadly poison?

Sister of The Genie Edit

In the Sea of Sands Tenoroc summons a purple girl genie named Scheherazade who happens to be the twin sister of Basim the genie of the lamp and gives Captain Lightning some three wishes that might make his dreams come true! But will he be careful of what he wishes for?

Super Villain Showdown Edit

Captain Lightning enters the Super Villain Showdown created by Lord Tenoroc and Craw so he can show the other villains that he's more powerful than them. Now that he's at the finals, will he defeat Zombie Boss?

Master of All Elements Edit

In the Enchanted Forest Tenoroc summons Orb Face the Magician who master all the elements earth, fire, wind, water, metal, and magic to attack the Wizard Academy!

Pick A Holiday Edit

In Carnival City Tenoroc summons Calendar Boy who has the power to summon any holiday to trap Matt and the gang Matt in April Fools Day, Roxie in Easter Day, Gomez in Halloween, and Captain Lighting in Christmas. How can the team escape the holiday horrors?

Partners In Crime Edit

In Steampunk Town Lord Tenoroc summons two ghostly gangsters Bonnie and Clyde to steal the national back's treasure its Matt and the gang to fright gangsters they have to be one can they stop them before they get away.

Zebraman Edit

Tenoroc summons Zebraman in Carnival City to use his powers to lift the entiyer city.The gang is trapt in one of Zebramans magnetic traps,its up to Matt and Lightning to find Zebramans lab and find his wekness.They find that his one wekness is a energie suking gun.Butt Zebraman ha started to lift the city and thers the problem if Matt books him the city will be destroyd.Will Matt and Lightning book the vilan butt whit out destroying the city?

Where In The Multiverse Is Carmen Sandiego Edit

Somewhere in the Multiverse Matt and the gang meets an ACME agent name Cole Gannon who is chasing the worlds most master thief know as Carmen Sandiego. He then tells them that Carmen made a portal to enter in to other dimensions and chases after her in the portal when Tenoroc hears about this. He summons two spies to help her. Spy Clops a cyborg spider like villain and Terabyte a dangerous hacker. Can Matt and his friends help Cole and stop her before she gets away?

Secrets of the Phantom Edit

The Phantom of the Opera is released in Carnival City to find his hidden lair. Meanwhile, Matt and his friends then find a secret passage way that might lead them to his lair and uncover his secrets. But will they find his weakness too?

A Storm Is Coming Edit

In Steampunk Town, Lord Tenoroc summons Captain Storm who happens to be Captain Lightning's little sister but pink with gray puffy hair to teach her big brother a lesson by kidnapping his friends! Can Lighting stop his sister before her storms approach them?

A Treasure Hunt Edit

In The Wacky Jungle, Gomez finds a mystery map that leads to a treasure in The Temple of The Lizard People Tenoroc summons a treasure hunter named One-Eye Max who uses his magic eye-patch to astral project a map and a laser whip. Can the team get to the treasure before him?

Arrows of Ramayana Edit

In the Region of Ruins Lord Tenoroc summons Rama a blue four-arm archer to use is magical arrows on Matt and the gang can they stop him or they will get the point.

A Hatter Christmas Carol Edit

It's Christmas time in the Multiverse and Matt buys his friends some gifts, but Lord Tenoroc summons Ebenezer Scrooge to cause trouble and break everyone's Christmas spirits! Can the team stop is old miser or will Christmas be ruined? And can Matt give his friends their gifts in time?

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons Loner to end Matt and Captain Lightning's friendship by giving them cursed spiked chokers that causes them to fight with each other and then kidnaps Roxie and Gomez. How can they stop him if they can't work together and stop fighting with each other?

Come Into My Web Said The Spider To The Hatter Edit

In The Wacky Jungle, Tenoroc summons Arachne the giant red eyed spider to weave her webs and trap everybody in them so she can feast on the people, including Matt, Roxie, and Captain Lightning! How will Gomez stop this arachnid of terror if he has a fear of spiders?

From A Hatter To A Traitor Edit

In the Sea of Sands, Lord Tenoroc summons Judas Iscariot, a boy in a hood-robe to betray Matt and the gang so he can destroy his Multi-Vision Specs and give Matt to Tenoroc. Can Matt's friends stop this traitor before Matt turns to the dark side?

Never Matter With AntiMatter Edit

In Space Station Starlight Tenoroc summons AntiMatter a boy who use the power of dark matter to attack the station. Now the team must stop him and his matter before the station is doom!

Hip Hoppin' Edit

The High Hopper is back and he's breaking dancing disaster in Carnival City! Now Matt mist challenge him to a break dance contest and beat him with his own moves!

The Amazing World of Matt Hatter Edit

In Carnival City, Tenoroc summons Dr. Hypo to hypothesis Captain Lighting to do his bidding but somewhere in Elmore Gumball was taking Penny to the movies along with Darwin and Carrie but when a thunder storm hit the big screen and suck them and in up in Carnival City when Dr. Hypo find out about Penny's shape shifting powers he hypothesis her to attack Matt and the gang can Matt and Gumball team up to save Penny and help get back home.

Cybeartour vs Matt Hatter the bigest race around the dimensions Edit

Aftear months of waithyng the niva cubic was fix thanks tho the streat kids.Matt was happy untill Harcan returns and chalenges Matt tho a inteardiminssional race around the multivers into 5 worlds. The sea of sand,Region of Ruins,Enchanted forest,Steapuck town and back to Carnival first one whit the most points wins the prise the niva cubic.Matt uses the neva cubic to race, butt the race is ruind wen tenorock summonds Cybear racer, Arcana the witch and Bassium tho race.Harcan says 1rst 5 points, 2nd 4 points,3trd 3 points 4th 2 points and 5th 1 point ,and back here.Who will win and will the niva cubic bee destroyd again?

Cotton Eye Joe Edit

In Tombstone, Tenoroc summons Cotton Eye Joe who has cotton like heir and cotton in one eye challenges Matt's team to a square dance can they win this dance and book him with a hit song Cotton Eye Joe.

Release the Animal Spirits Edit

Leopard King is released in the Enchanted Forest to summon all his evil animal spirits to attack everyone. Matt and his friends learn that instead of using weapons, they must summon their own animal spirits to defeat Leopard King.

What's Your Name Edit

In Enchanted Forest, Matt and the gang meets a magical man who causing trouble that they have to guess his name who is Rumpelstiltshin summon by Lord Tenoroc to take care of Matt. Can they guess his name before it's too late?

I Got My Evil Eye On You Edit

In The Mountain Temple of Terror, Tenoroc summons Evil-Eye Ivan to find a magical jewel to use it power with his evil-eye to cause chaos. How can the team stop him and his evil-eye?

Flower Power! Edit

Black Rose has returned to grow some revenge in the Enchanted Forest and her flowers are coming to life! The teams tries to stop her, but soon the plants start to grow all over the Multiverse. Luckily, Matt's team have separated into four to stop the flowers and roots from growing, but they soon realize that these flowers are more than pretty.

I'm Scared Stiff Edit

In Steampunk Town, Tenoroc summons Scared Stiff a skeleton like robot to cause trouble find his robotic brain can Matt and the gang stop him before its to late.

In A Trance Edit

In Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons Sir Trance-A-Lot a ghost knight who has the power to people to sleep using his trance lance can Matt and the gang stop him before he put them in a trance.

Into The Mist Edit

In Carnival City, Tenoroc summons Mysteria who has the power to control the mist and become one. Now it's up to Matt's team to put a stop to her mist but how can they stop this misty vixen before things get too misty?

Masquerade Mystery Edit

Matt and his friends receive mysterious invitations that takes them to a mysterious masquerade ball in the Enchanted Forest. But when they realized that the party was just a trap set by Masquera, they must try their best to escape. But soon one by one, all of Matt's friends are caught in one of Masquera's traps and Matt is the only one left who can save them and book Masquera once and for all!

The Mask of The Red Death Edit

In Carnival City, Tenoroc summons The Red Death an assassin with gentleman clothing, a cane weapon, and a red face to attack Matt can the team stop him and save Matt before its to late.

Let's Ride Edit

In Steampuck Town, The townsfolk are having a grant prix Tenoroc summons Hot Rod a cyborg with a race car you happed to the brother of Cyber Racer and challenged Matt and the team to race can they bet him in a race and win the grant prix.

The Sinister Snowman Edit

In The Mountain Temple of Terror, Tenoroc summon Frosty The Snowman to go Snowy Pick to steal a magical wand to freeze Matt and the team but can Captain Lighting find a way to stop this frozen fiend before it's too late.

The Dungenatour Edit

Tenoroc summons the Horseknight a half knight and half hors(aka a knight whit horse legs).He was summond in Carnival City to activate the Dungenatour a vidio game castle wit bobetraps and animal monsters like scorpion fly s.goblen monkeys and devil wodpeces all around the castle.He traps Roxie and Gomez and forces Matt and lightning to play,to win this game you must destroy the mastr computer.Whill Matt win and save his frinds from being destroyd?.

The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart Edit

In Steampunk Town, Tenoroc summons Dr. Cuckoo-Clock a clockmaker boy with a scarve, coat, and has a cuckoo-clock heart to sabotage the clock tower in Clock Ville. Can Matt and the team stop him before time runs out?

Night of The Gargoyle Prince Edit

In Mountain Temple of Terror, Tenoroc release The Gargoyle Prince to rise an army of gargoyles to attack Matt and the team. Can they stop him before it's to late?

Toxic Larry Edit

Teneroc releases another villain named Toxic Larry into Enchanted Forest. He then orders Larry to find the crystal of all the trees to turn them and the insects into giant mutant monsters. Now Matt and Lightning must work together to stop Toxic Larry and save Gomez and Roxie before Larry's Toxin spreads over the entire Multiverse.

Matt Hatter VS. The Nutcracker Edit

In Steampunk Town, A Toy Store is under attack by The Nutcracker with his magic nuts who was summon by Tenoroc and Matt and the team in up in a Nutcracker Suite theme Matt as The Mouse King, Roxie as The Sugar Plum Fairly Princess, Gomez as A Gingerbread Man, & Captain Lighting as A Toy Soldier. Can Matt and the team escape this and book The Nutcracker.

You Do Voodoo Edit

In Carnival City, Tenoroc summons by Dr. Voodoo a ragdoll like witch doctor who can use his voodoo powers by using items of other people stuff. Now it's up to the team to create another voodoo doll of Dr. Voodoo to fight back!

Crystal Clear Edit

In The Enchanted Forest, Lord Tenoroc summons releases the Crystal Witch to grow her dangerous crystals of power that might attack the people of the whole realm. Now Matt and his team must break through her gems and stop her...crystal clear!

Lighting's Family Reunion Edit

In Carnival City, a strange storm came out of nowhere when it happen to Captain Lighting's brother and sister, Captains Thunder and Storm they team up to attack their brother and Matt, Roxie, and Gomez. They then squash Lightning into a frisbee and toss him to the outskirts where he meets two other Street Kids, Francis and Alex, that team up with him to stop his siblings. Can Captain Lighting stop them and save his friends before Carnival City is in Tenoroc's control?

Fire And Ice Edit

In The Mountain Temple of Terror, Tenoroc summon both Flint Phoenix and Ice King to steal a magic cup that controls fire and ice. How can Matt and his team stop them before their toast and cold?

Caged Edit

In Carnival City, someone has kidnapped the Street Kids and trapped them in bird cages. It can only be Queen Canary behind all of this and it's up to Matt and his friends to trap this bird brain in her own cages and free their friends. But it's gonna be very difficult getting through her giant bird servants and trying to avoid her traps.

Double Trouble 2 Edit

In Steampunk Town, Matt and the team meets a young girl named Jacqueline Hyde who happened to be the sister of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde who was summon by Lord Tenoroc to cause some trouble! Can the team stop this double trouble maker before it's too late?

Art of Tenoroc Edit

All the Street Kids have been painting and ignoring Roxie, Gomez and Captain Lightning. They haven't done anything in Carnival City. When Matt arrived he has seen the paintings of the Street Kids and it looks like Lord Tenoroc. He has summond a villain named the Art Mole, a half man and half mole. He wears artist clothes and a mustache. He uses his magic to hypnotize the Stret Kids and making them paint a picture of his master. With their magic brushes they can free Lord Tenoroc. Will Matt stop Art Mole's plan before the whole Multiverse is doomed?

The Legendary Sword of Excalibur Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons a cybertour armored super villain named Sherkan to find the sword of Excalibur in the Enchanted Forest. But when it takes too long to find the sword and because of Matt Hatter, Teneroc has no choice but to summon Shercan's twin brother Harcan. Tenoroc makes a competition whoever finds the sword first gets the ultimate price freedom. They make Gomez to lead them where the sword is or they will use their fear faces and make him see his greatest fears for all eternity. In the end Sherkan was booked but Harcan was free and he steals the sword because Tenoroc freed him from his life cell that exploded and he disappears. Will Matt and the gang meet Harcan again?

Sting of Scorpiotron 2: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With A StingEdit

Tenorock summons Scorpiotron in Carnival City to destroy Matt Hatter and the Street Kids. Scorpiontron creates a new gadget called a Water Sucker that can suck all the water in Carnival City so the Street Kids can get too thirsty. When Matt tries to cut off Scorpiontron's tail, he didn't know that he upgraded his tail with a special metal and with a new drill. Will he stop him and book Scorpiotron once and for all?

Help! It's The Dungarvon Whooper! Edit

The Dungarvon Whooper is released in The Enchanted Forest to scare all the people with his screams, but it won't scare Matt and his team away once they book him. So they decide to camp out tonight to hear his screams. But when Captain Lightning disappears, it's up to Matt, Roxie, and Gomez to save him from the Dungarvon Whooper!

Night of the Toy SoldierEdit

Tenoroc summons the Toy Soldier a giant soldier armed with a toy gun. He  was summond in Carnival City to destroy his creator Lucius, who created him but Alfred had to book him becaes he was dangerous. Luckily Roxie,Gomez and Lightning found him first and hide him from the Toy Soldier but that maniac begins to destroy the city. Will Matt stop this crazy toy before Carnival City is doomed?

Umibozu Edit

Strong waves are happening in Marine World and it's the work of Umibozu who was summoned by Lord Tenoroc to make a tsunami to crush the island above the castle and destroy Treasure Cove! Matt and his friends must work together to stop the big creepy eyed jerk and book him once and for all!

The JunkasorisrexEdit

Tenoroc summons Johny 13 a seventeen year old teenager whit his pet junk dog.He was summond in Carnival City to destroy the streat kids by feedng them to his pet.Butt when Lightning destroys junk dog, Johny goes mad and goes to a old junkyar and bilds his new pet the Junkasorisrex.When Matt and the gang find the junk yard Johny ha bild his new pet the Junkasorisrex.Will Lightning be destroyd or will the Streat Kids be eaten alive? 

Aliens among usEdit

After Lucien finds a old cinema he inwaits his frinds to watch a horror movie called Alien hunter,at the end the Streat Kids get so scared that they are to afraid to be alone.So Tenoroc summons Shacutra a giant alien hunter with a skeleton tail.He was summond to scare the pants of the Streat Kids,but Roxie hiden the Streat Kids butt Lucien has a plane to stop Shacutra.Will they stop tthis alien monster before he destroy s the hole city?

It's time to JudgeEdit

Tenoroc summons the evil Judgeman in Carnival City to capture all the Streat kids and trap them in his prison for crims agents Tenoroc.Its up to Matt  to save everion from this monster,he neds to find the golden hamer to take away his powers.Alfred hiden it somewer in Carnival City and matt must folow the clues and find the golden hamer befor the judge finds him.Wil matt find the hamer befor its to late?

Double Army Edit

Tenoroc summons two night villains, Vampire Lord Venom and the Werewolf king Lycan to make an army of vampires and werewolfs. When Matt arrives all the Street Kids have ben turn into vampires and Lycan leads his army of howlers, only Matt and Lightning are the only ones who can save the city of horrors. Their only wayto defeat them is by tricking them into concentrating on attacking each other since vampires and werewolves hate each other so they be distracted and won't block the sunlight. But can they survive the entire night of vampires and werwolves before they turn into one of them?

Phoenix SisterEdit

Tenoroc summons Hot hair the sister of Flint Phoenix to finish what her brother couldent do to hatch the last fire drake using her fire powers and her magma hot hair. When Matt arrived he,Roxie,Gomez and Lightning must hide the last egg of a fire drake. But she finds them first and Roxie and Lightning where destructing her Matt and Gomez escaped. How whill they beat Hot Haire then they dont have any whater,then gomez tells a tail about Alfred beating her without using any water. Can this be possible to beat someone made of fire whit out using water?

The Bottom Half Of The Hourglass Edit

Roxie finds a cube that could tell the location and the route to anything, and she calls Matt. He hears the news and he goes to the region of ruins to see them. Craw tells Lord Teneroc about it and he activates a glitch. Matt and his friends survive the glitch, but then Teneroc releases the time controlling mastermind, Time Master. Matt asks the cube to lead them to his grandpa, but suddenly, Tick Tock steals it and the chronicles. Time Master activates the cube and asks it to the nearest directions to Teneroc. Matt sees this and chases Time Master.

Meanwhile, Marlon tries to steal candy and he succeeds in it, but Harry gets accused of it.

Lets play footballEdit

Tenorock summons The mad Footballer in the Region of ruins to challenge Matt,Roxie,Gomez,Lightnongon on 4 to 5 football of doom in a old colosseum .Butt thers a problem thers onlie 4 of them so they invate Lucien to goin them,he has a device thath can make copys of him self.They where lozing the first half but wining in the second,the score was 39 to 39.So the Mad Footballer chalengens Matt on a one on one point and also the ball was realy a bomb so if Matt wins its boom time.How will are hero save his skin and win at the same time?

Hatter Over Yonder Edit

Tenoroc summons Lord Hater in Spacestation Starlight to search the power crystal so Lord Hater send Commander Peepers and the watchdogs to investegate the Spacestation,Meanwhile Matt and the gang meet Wander and Sylvia on an unkowwn planet they team up to stop Lord Hater from using the power crystal.


Lights Out Edit

Tenoroc creates a plan to exact revenge on the street kids by summoning the dark mage nightshade to shroud carnival city in eternal darkness with the use of his shadow lamp, so matt must stop him from reaching his magical lamp before it's too late. Meanwhile back on earth, Matt's dad must confront his fear of the dark with a little help from Marlin.

The Dragon's Den Edit

When the people of the Sea Of Sands stumble upon a cave full of gold and treasures, Tenoroc comes up with a plan to rule the Multiverse with the help of the Dragon Prince. Matt must stop the dragon prince from recovering his golden scepter and turning all the people of the Multiverse into his dragon's slaves. Meanwhile back on earth, Matt's parents must recover Harry's wedding ring.

Happy Friday the 13th Edit

It's Friday the 13th so Lord Tenoroc summons Jason to kill everyone all over the Multiverse by releasing his black knifes to make everyone kill everyone and thing. will matt be able to destroy Jason or let him kill every one in the whole Multi diemensional matrix Forever!

Tooth Or Dare! Edit

The Street Kids in Carnival City are having toothaches from eating mysterious cake! It can only be the work of Chef Cavity, the evil chef that makes sweets that may taste good at first, but in the end you end up with an endless toothache! Matt and the team must now brush this guy's teeth out and book him before they get tooth decay too!

Captain Electri Edit

It's Mother's Day and Matt has the perfect present for his mom. Meanwhile, Lord Tenoroc summons Captain Lightning's mother, Captain Electri, to trap the Street Kids, Roxie, Gomez, and Matt in her electrical rings just to make her son happy. But this goes too far and Lightning must confront his mother and show her that he's a good guy now.

Dagger's Blade Edit

Tenoroc, tired of Matt constantly ruining his plans, summons Dagger, a great assassin, to put an end to Matt and his friends but first Dagger must trick Matt, Roxie, Lightning, and Gomez into retrieving his blade, the source of all his power. Now after discover his true plans, Captain Lightning must survive Dagger and his tricks, traps and illusions to finally put an end to his dark ways.

Meanwhile back on earth, Marlon becomes interested with the art of stealth and kung fu.

Chained Up! Edit

In Camp Strange, the Red Lady is summoned to chain up everyone so they can carry her punishment for her. Now with Roxie and Gomez chained up, Matt and Lightning must use a magic key to free their friends and chain the Red Lady back up. But can they get it first before the Red Lady destroys it?

Witch's CurseEdit

In the enchanted forest Teneroc has summoned the wicked witch of the west to kidnap Roxie. All that's left is her staff and a riddle that leaves matt and his friends puzzled. Meanwhile Roxie's trapped in a magical room that has a timer attached to it and when the timer runs out the room will disappear and roxie will be lost forever. Will they be able to save her or will she be gone forever?

Lightning's Surprise PartyEdit

In Carnival City, Matt and the gang decides to throw Captain Lightning a surprise birthday party on his birthday since no one ever celebrates it. Meanwhile, Matt gets the perfect gift for him: a wolf keychain! But Lord Tenoroc isn't happy about having his former supervillain's birthday celebrated so he decides to send out the Grim Reaper to steal Lightning's soul! Can the team save his soul or will it be Lightning's afterlife?

Captain Flash Edit

It's Father's Day and everyone is celebrating it with their dads. All except Captain Lightning who's father, Captain Flash, has been summoned by Lord Tenoroc and is upset at his son for not doing anything evil anymore and being friends with a Hatter Hero than being sworn enemies. Even worse, Lightning must do something evil to impress his father so Matt, Roxie, and Gomez decides to help him. But will it mean destroying Carnival City and hurting the Street Kids than just helping their former enemy?

Math Mission Edit

Matt is having trouble with his math skills, even worse is that Lord Teneroc has summoned the Substitute Creature in the Enchanted Forest to give more math problems. So to defeat her, the gang must study hard to answer her questions. Now thanks to Lightning's notes, Matt was able to solve the problems but will it be enough to defeat the Substitute Creature?

Toxic Wasted Edit

Toxic waste is polluting Carnival City's air and water and it's turning the Street Kids and howlers, except for Lucius and Captain Lightning, who has become sick from the toxic air, into mutants with one or three eyes, four or six arms, two mouths, tentacles, and three legs. Matt, Roxie, and Gomez soon find out that Sewer Steve is behind all this and must stop his toxic waste and find the antitode before it spreads all over the Multiverse and Captain Lightning will die.

Lightning's Day Off Edit

Matt decides that the stressed out Captain Lightning deserves a day off. But then Joker Card spoils his fun and traps him in one of his cages. And to make matters worse is that he stolen Lightning's headphones and iPod nano and has the key that'll set him free. Can Matt and his friend stop Joker Card and free their friend?

The Confusion Edit

Lord Tenaroc finally knew how to stop Matt, so he decided to summon Rei and Rai. the water and fire sisters, who has two different traits. Rei is the kind one and Rai is the mean one. Roxie calls Matt and they founded out that Rei knows how to defeat her own sister by betraying her sister and wants to join the good. Will Matt reach Rei's sister in no time and stop her from opening the gates

The Confusion 2 Edit

Matt was unable to stop the sisters but Rei and Rai fought each other to decide whether to give it to Lord Tennaroc or return the element ornament. but Matt's friend are trapped by Rai and it's up to Matt and Rei to stop the rai

The sience conversaton Edit

tenoroc sends all sientists free to create a machine that creates villains. he must send Scorpiotron, dr. jekyll, captain electri, cyber racer and energyman. energyman is a sientist that has so much energy that his emotions have a lot of power. can matt beat all the villains wile hyde is there?

The Monster Army Edit

Lord Tenoroc sends Zombie Boss, Count Venom, The Mummy, Lycan, Arcana, Medusa and Cyclops to freak everyone out but matt sends all the villains he booked free to help him. Only two villains escaped, the girls escaped.

haloween Edit

tenoroc summons candy cane and the halloween, a vilain that, insted of minotaur, changes in your darkest fear. this is at haloween time so the streetkids are going trick or treat. the eat the candy and want to have fun. ecsaped for lucius. he gets candy that makes you a candy slave. can the team save all of them?

the magic disapearance Edit

tennoroc sends the magic man. a villain that can turn into all animals and make everyone disappear. he findes his real power in the region of ruins. can the gang beat magic tat's stronger than all the ather magic the have booked?

life cell power Edit

Lord Tenoroc summons The Cell, a magical creature that can put everyone in a life cell. Unfortunately he stole Cyclops's life cell and set him free. Can the team beat the cell so Cyclops goes hologram or will this be the last episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles?

the power of love Edit

tenoroc summons cupid to make everyone love tennoroc. he goes to every region of the multivers. can the gang beat him?

energy of the hatter Edit

energyman has bin summond to make the prison orb open. but he acsidannitly opend alfreds orb. can alfred leve the multivers? energyman touchde the orb again and got traped himself! will we ever see him again?

a triple triple spear Edit

Tenoroc created 2 new triple spears and summond the alien. a out-of-space human with a helmet and a giant ray that frees, burn and dupicate. he breaths air from outer space. so you'll beat him the same as Phibious. Matt also gets two new cell blasters.

The hunt is on Edit

Colonel Buckshot is back and he is hunting the street kids can Matt stop him before they become an endangered species

High Noon Edit

In Tombstone Tenoroc sends Robo the Kid an robotic cowboy to steal the gold form the mine. It's up to Matt and the gang stop Robo before he gets away.

Lights, Camera, Scream Edit

In Creepy Movie Studios Tenoroc sends The Mad Detractor to send Matt and the gang into a trap can they escape there creepy fate.

Son of TenorocEdit

When Matt meet a kid named TJ came to the Coronet when Matt is summon TJ followed him in to the Multiverse but it turns out TJ is the son of Lord Tenoroc he plans to free his father from prison but can Matt and gang stop TJ before it's to late.

Lightning's Heart Edit

Matt and the gang learn that there is an electrical heart in the Region of Ruins that belongs to Captain Lightning and could possibly be the key to freeing Alfred! So tenoroc summons Cyron an 11 year old boy with a robotic hand to retrieve it and the only way to defeat him is to strike the robot heart inside of him. Will matt shock this cyborg and retrieve Lightning's heart or will sparks fly against Matt?

Triton of The Mermaid Menace Edit

In Carnival City, Matt and his friends discover a strange trident with the power to cover the Multiverse in water. Hearing this, Tenoroc summons Aquata the Mermaid Queen and owner of the trident to steal it back with her water powers and the only way to defeat her is to hit her with the trident. Will Matt fry this fish or will he be sunk?

Bridget The Salt Princess Edit

Lord Tenoroc sends Bridget the Salt Princess in Steampunk Town at night to turn everything and everyone into salt. Now Matt and his friends must stop and book the princess before everything is turned into salt and Tenoroc can have his sweet victory! But can they do it without turning into salt as well?

Cry of the Panther Edit

Lord Teneroc summons Lota Moreau, a panther/human hybrid, to get the Chronicles and Roxie's staff.