Eunice is a purple pterodactyl that befriended Gomez and helped him and his friends defeat Pandora. She made her first appearance in Little Box Of Horrors.

In the series Edit

In Little Box Of Horrors, Eunice ate a green mind controlling apple from Gomez and therefore helped him and his friends defeat Pandora and hid her golden box in her nest.

In Fire Phoenix Rising, she was seen drinking water from a spring and flew away when she saw Matt, Roxie, and Gomez being chased by Flint Phoenix.

In Medusa and the Stone Army, she was zapped by Medusa's stare and was turned to stone. However, she came back to life since Medusa's power was still weak.

In Flight Of The Golden Arrow, she got hit by Cupid's arrow and began to attack Matt, Gomez, and Roxie.

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