11. Flint Phoenix
Flint Phoenix or Fire Phoenix is a hot super villain that appears in episode 11 of Season 1 Fire Phoenix Rising. He then later made his second appearance along with the Minotaur in Episode 9 of Season 3 Forests Of Fears.


Flint Phoenix's has red gelled up hair that looks like flames. He wears a black shirt with flames on it under his black vest and he wears purple jeans. On his wrists are some silver bracelets that are rubbed together to activate his fire powers and he wears black rocket boots.

Personality Edit

Flint Phoenix is a hot and fiery daredevil. But he can be a bit of a rebellious trouble maker and only wants to have fun which is why he never wants to do Lord Tenoroc's plans.

Weakness Edit


Abilities Edit

Flint Phoenix he can burn everything he wants and turns to ashes by his supernova flame and he throw instant burning fireballs when he rubbed his bracelets together and he can fly by his boots like a missile with doing the same from his bracelet, He can also recharge his fire by diving into a pool of lava, and he has a incredible superpower with raise his body temperature to the top of 5000 ° C (Degrees Celsius), may continue for decades and all this because of the Body Temperature inflamed and incendiary.

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