Tenoroc summons Freddy to elimanate the Streat kids in there dreams by summoning Freddy Kroger the king of nightmares.

Plot Edit

The Streat Kids are having trobel sleeping so tenoroc wants to make sure they never wake up.So he summons Freddy Kroger and orders him to trap the Streat Kids in a Nightmare limbo and make sure thath they never wake up.Whene Matt arives he seas thath the eyes of the Streat kids a white,so Matt,Roxie,Lightning and Flint a old member of the Phonix gang who is free and on matt s team now go into there dream.The first dream is a Streat Kid running from Freddy Kroger.Matt forgets thath Freddy has a advanthige in the world of dreams.Freddy sets a trap a door bridge,they nead to stand on each door but if it opens they will fall to thete destruction.The next dream is Belka a new Streat kid running from a a gient Freddy.And Luciuses nightmare is Carnival city being destroyed and Tenoroc ruling Matt ,Roxie,lightning and Flint use there amagination to fight Freddy.In end they bring Freddy Kroger into his fizikal form and he goes holagram.

Powers Edit

Dream powers and gloves whit claws

Wekness Edit

If his omnimegagigantrom dream belt is destroyed it will take him to the real world and make him go holagram,love Matt and Roxie kiss for the first time and it makes him weaker and amaginatio.

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