Freddy Hipster is a supervillain version of Freddy Krueger who appeared in Nightmare on Street Kids street.

In the series Edit

Lucius invents a dream machine that can allow you to see others peoples dreams.The Street Kids have ben having nightmares and Lucius sees the problem it's Freddy Hipster. When Matt arrived Lucien tells him that the Freddy Hipster is Freddy Krueger's twin brother who instead of killing people he steal peoples memories, secret info and codes. Tenoroc summoned him to steal the Street Kids memories so they can t help Matt. In the end he was defeated because Matt use dream power to defeat them and he lures Hipster out of the Street Kids dreams.

Apearence Edit

He looks like the original hipster but he has a eye patch, a tie, burnt face like the original Freddy Krueger, wears a sweater and wears a gangster like hat. He is wimpy but strong.

Abilities Edit

He can control dreams and he has a metal glove with a safe cracker, glass cuter, a little drill,a metal finger that can be used like a laser. His second hand has a mouse trap, a acid shooting finger, a skeleton key, a dream catcher and invisible ink shooter.