Freedy Hipster is a supervillan version of Freedy Kroger who aperd in Nightmare on Streat Kids street.

In the series Edit

Lusies invents a dream machine thath can alouw you to sea others peopels dreams.The Street Kids have ben having Nightmars and Lucies seas the problem its Freedy Hipster.When Matt arived Lucien tells him thath the Freedy Hipster is Freedy Krogers twin brother who instead of killing peopel he steal peopels memories,secret info and code s.Tenoroc summend him to steal the Streat Kids memories so they can t help Matt.In the end he was defeated becaes Matt use dream power to defeat them and he lours hipster out of the Streeat Kids dreams.

Apearence Edit

He looks like the original hipster butt he has a eye patch,a tie,burn gace like the original Fredy Kroger,whears a sweather and whear a gangster like hat.Hisa whimpie butt stronge.

Abilities Edit

He can control dreams and he has a metalglow whit a safe cracker,glass cuter,a littel drill,a metal finger thath useses like a lasou.His second hand hehas a mouse trap,a acid shothing finger,a skeleton key,a dream catcher and invisabel ink shooter.

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