Freedy Krueger is one of the villains who was summond in Nightmare in Carnival City.

Plot Edit

It s halloween so Tenoroc summons Freedy Krueger to scare the Streat Kids by giving them horrabel nightmares.Matt goes into the dreams of the Streat Kids to defeat Freedy Krueger.But he has control of the mind but Matt realases that this is his dream and that he can do what ever he wants so he and Freedy fight.In the end Matt imagens a bomb i front of Freeady and he leaves the dream world.In the real world he goes holagram and gets booked.

Appearance Edit

He looks just like the original exept he has purpel eyes,a hunchback,on his left cheek you can see his teeth,black and crimson striped sweather and black pants and has claw gloves..

Personality Edit

He s really grumpy and hates children and teenagers and he thinks of a world whithout children or teens.He alsou has a grudge againts Alfred Hatter and swears to elimanate anyone who s name is Hatter.

Powers Edit

Dream manipulation and has claw gloves as a weapon.

Weakness Edit

Someone who learns how to control ther dreams and a big imagination and alsou if he s realesed in the real world he will go hologram.

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