32. Gangstar Bug

Gangster Bug is a stink bug that appeared in Shrinking Gas (Season 3 Episode 12). He also appeared in Season 4, Episode 10: Hunt of the Amber Dragon where Matt used him for training purposes.His next appearance was in The Forest of Giant Spiders, where he helped Matt defeat Vanessa because they despise each other and he got booked again.

In the seriesEdit

In Shrinking Gas, Gangster Bug was summoned by Lord Tenoroc in the Enchanted Forest to stink up the realm with his toxic stink gas. He was booked by Matt later. His next appearance was in the Enchanted Forest to help Matt defeat Vanessa because he hates her. He uses his stink gas to scare the humongous spiders. He then has a fight with her, but gets hit by a Anti-Matter blast and gets booked.


He goes hologram when reflection.


  • ”Okay? Who’s the wise guy?”
  • I used to be young and angry, too. (LINMIS [ROBIN]: And now, you only fire blanks.)
  • Am I gonna need trick bullets? (CLERAL [GREEN ARROW]: Kinda blows your whole "Deadshot" thing.)
  • Got a bullet just for you. (HANSO [WONDER WOMAN]: Bullets won't stop me.)
  • The shots are getting closer. (BERON [BATMAN]: But you're still missing.)
  • I kill you Regimers for free. (SUPERMAN: I don't fear death.)
  • Miss retirements? (THE FLASH: Not when I'm stopping guys like you.)
  • I'll shoot your eye out, kid. (ROHAK [BLUE BEETLE]: Maybe I should've stayed in El Paso.)
  • Tired of getting shot? (DEJAN [DOCTOR FATE]: The Ankh protects me.)
  • You're tougher than I expected. (PHOEBE BUFFAY-HANNIGAN [SUPERGIRL]: Worst part's coming up.)