Gear is a cybernetic type villain sent to Carnival City to get rid of the Street Kids by turning them into an army of Silvermen. He manages to mechanize all of Carnival City and he almost succeeded but Matt managed to book him at the end by making him unstabilize by giving him a Shockwave Blast and then when he was going to do a Maximum Overload Pulse Blast, Matt gave the Core Drive a Magnetic Disruptor Beam, which backfired and he was booked into the chronicles.


Gear looks like a humanoid figure and he is a bionic being that is virtually a 6 ft tall suit of futuristic armour. It looks like a 2006 Cyberman but he has more flexible limbs, on his chest, he has a glowing blue circle: His core drive. On his head, he has plus symbols for eyes and a largish minus symbol for a mouth, he also has similar handle pieces on his head, but it looks like the head bars of the lead cube man from adventure time, but black. on his right wrist, he has a blaster that is similar to a mini metal cannon. He has fairly large feet at around size 10's.


Gear has a variety of notable offenses and defenses. He is one of the smartest villains out there being a strategist and a supercomputer, He can even rival people like Doc Fossil, Count Venom and Candy Cane. He can also lift and throw objects as big as a large cart with ease. On his left hand, he can internally summon and throw out Gearmites that look like tiny silver wasps that can crawl inside, take over any cybernetic or living force, and build an armor around it and make it into a Silverman, completely under Gear's control. On his right wrist, he houses a blaster that can connect with his core drive and fire and immense blue ElectroKinetic blast, powerful enough to punch through steel. His armor is almost impenetrable and very durable and he can also jump long distances like Cyclops.


Unknown, but probably if the Gearmites were repeled back into him, a paradoxal matrix would be created, and he would go into meltdown