Goldbeard is Redbeard's brother who was summoned in Goldebeared the Pirate

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned Goldbeard to use his superpowers and turn the Sea of Sand and turn everyone into gold.When everything and everyone got turned into gold, he used his power and turns the seas of sandshis pirate world. It's up to Matt to stop this psycho pirate because Roxie, Gomez and Lightning got turned into his pirate minions. This pirate needs to find the two black shape skeleton keys to unlock his golden treasure chest so then he can unlock his true power.Matt has no choice but to release Redbeard so he can help him to stop his brother because Readbeard is jealous of him,his keys were hidden at the same place as the Raebeards skull of the Black Raven. In the end; Matt uses Quantom fusion mode on goldbeareds treasure chests and he goes hologram, but before he gets booked he tells Matt that going on adventures is the best treasure of all time. And Redbeard also goes back to the Chronicles.

Appearance Edit

He has a golden beard,a ripped golden shirt,he is left handed and has a small cannon just like Redbeards, two red and black devils on each shoulder,metal legs,a eye patch and a pirate hat.

Ability Edit

He can shoot from a small cannon on his right hand,turn everything into gold and golden water,a magic song that turns you into a pirate minion with his medalion and has two chests on his hands that unlocks the devils true power has two weapons a giant axe and a giant sword.