Heckyl is one of the 16 most dangerous supervillans who appeared in Heckyl Strikes.

Plot Edit

Tenoroc has defeated Matt because he has the Life Cells of the 16 most dangerous supervillans. His first X-supervillan is Heckyl, he scared Craw and reminded Lord Tenoroc of his past deeds. He is the only villain with no discovered weakness.He was summoned in the Sea of Sands to destroy Alhabar. When Matt arrived Alhabar was completely destroyed houses were destroyed,fire everywhere, injured people. The Sultan says that it was a monster he had giant tentacles and there was a laser blasting everything in sight and he said that those who defy Lord Tenoroc will pay and next he goes to Carnival City. But Matt and the gang are too late Lightning and Igor (who was free for saving Roxie and now protects Carnival City) were injured and beaten up.Then Heckyl appears in his monster form. Matt challenges him to fight but he and even Roxie wasn't strong to beat him. Tenoroc returns him to his Life Cell and tells Matt that if he doesn't surrender the multiverse will feel his mighty fist. Alfred decides that he needs to train Matt so that he can defeat the 16 most dangerous supervillans.

Appearance Edit

As a human: He has black hair, a black sweater and black hoodie. And his hair is red.

In his monster form: He wears armor black and brown, has one yellow gloving eye, giant claws, two swords, two crimson eyes on his neck and a giant eye on his chest and a giant mouth and face and body is white and has a giant tail and looks like a giant lizard.

Powers Edit

Just like Switch the Shapshifter he can change his body parts into a dangerous animal or a supervillan.

Weaknesses Edit

If his giant eye gets hit by the Anti-Matter Blaster he goes a little hologram.