The Hyena sorcerer is a villan thath apeard in the Hyena soldiers.

In the Series Edit

The series starts with Alhabar being attacked! One of the people tells that it was a man a really fast man with fur and spots, along with Hyenas. Tenoroc summoned the Hyena Sorcerer in the Sea of Sands to attack Alhabar and bring Matt Hatter into a trap.He s a witch doctor who used his magic to bring to life a enchant demon snake called the Devavorer to destroy the Multiverse.Can Matt stop this from happening before he gets the final component.Slime of slug,taile of a lizard,spit of a sand snake.

Appearance Edit

The Hyena Sorcerer face is painted in red, and has a long white hair. He has a spear to use as his weapon,he wears cheetah spoted underwear and has a scar on his chest.He has ben called the Hyena becaes he killed the Hyena king(the hyena leader)and stole his skin as coat.And a sorcerer becaes he can use magic and is a withc doctor.

Abilities Edit

His DNA has been spliced with 10% lion ,30%gorila,20% kangaroo and 40%rhino,these DNA s make him stronge,he s good whith magick and has hunting skilles.

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