Hyena Sorcerer was changed to Beast man.

Beastman is a supervillain animal themed monster that was summond in Attack of Beastman

In the Series Edit

Tenoroc summons the Beastman a ferocious monster sent to find the another key of realms that Tenoroc thought was in region of ruins but it turns out to be in Warrior Land. According to Gomez in the rank of supervillain strength he is he first place 2nd is Cyclops and in 3rd Magnifico. Beastman practically trashed the Warrior Land colosseum until Matt summoned Magnifico to challenge Beastman to a rematch. Beastman easily beats Magnifico. As they head to free Alfred mat once again sacrifice s his second chance to free grandpa when he uses a new hatter move called Berserker atomic blast the key and Beastman were bought destroyed. He goes hologram and gets booked.

Appearance Edit

His body is covered in fur, he wears blue underwear, black boots and has claws. His face is the only part that isn't covered in fur.

Abilities Edit

Beastman has super strength and has no weakness unlike the other villains.