I Was A Teenage Werecat! is an episode idea from MaeManuel1.

Summary Edit

Lord Tenoroc releases the Werecat in Carnival City to scratch Matt and his friends into shreds. But to make matters worse is that she scratches Captain Lightning and now has him transforming erratically and uncontrollably into a Werecat when a full moon appears and back again! Can Matt, Roxie, and Gomez defeat the Werecat and find a cure for their friend or will he stay in the alley eating fish bones out of the trash?

Plot Edit

The episode starts with a black shadowy figure pouncing from building to building in Carnival City and then jumps onto some garbage cans to find some food. The Werecat finds some leftover fish but before she could eat them, Lord Tenoroc's thunderstorm made her jump just to remind her that she is on a mission to shred Matt Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning and not to just eat from any trash cans. As the Werecat finishes her meal, she jumps out and continues her run.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning are walking around while Gomez was starting to get the creeps again. Just then, Lightning notices a black figure and he and his friends chase after it. When they reach the light, the black figure becomes none other than the Werecat. Roxie and Lightning and the Werecat fight but as they were about to finish her, the Werecat runs off just as Roxie called Matt for help.

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Transcript Edit

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