Icarus is a man wearing a winged dinosaur uniform appeared in the episode On Wings Of Doom. He is a villain summoned by Tenoroc to recover the lost Antimatter blaster.


Icarus was sent by Tenoroc to find the Anti-matter blaster, before Matt does. As the battle between him and Matt Hatter team are losing and he gained triumph, Gomez took the Anti-matter extension, and Matt then send Incaus with him nearby the sun of the multiverse and his created wings begin to burn and turn to ashes, turning him hologram and imprisoned by Matt for good.


Icarus is muscular with teal linings all over his body and has teal paint around his eyes. He wears a skull on his head, a red cape with a gold medal, a red kilt with gold linings, and has bat like wings.

Powers and abilities

Icarus is able to fly by the created wings by himself and can gain height in the air far enough to fly with even the winged dinosaurs. He can also launch thorns at his enemies.


  • Burning his wings, turn him to a hologram.
  • Overconfident behavior

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