Ice King is another villain summoned by Lord Tenoroc in Hatter On Ice!

Appearance Edit

Ice King is shirtless with muscular ice blue skin, white hair, and has a short white beard. He wears a golden trousers, golden cuff bracelets on his wrists, a gold crown on his head, and holds an ice staff that looks like Hermes'

Personality Edit

Ice King is very cold hearted, careless, and very bullheaded.

In the series Edit

Lord Tenoroc summoned Ice King to freeze the Sea Of Sands and trap it into eternal winter. But thanks to Captain Lightning who sacrificed himself to save Matt from being frozen solid, the winter was over and later Matt booked Ice King before the whole ice castle fell apart.

Weaknesses Edit

Ice king's weakness is warmth and love because love is like fire.

Abilities Edit

Ice King can summon an eternal winter and can freeze his opponents by blasting ice magic on them.

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