Tenoroc summons Dr Toxic in Carnival City to make all the Streat Kids sick and Roxie is Horribly sick and Lightning to.Matt has no choice but to free Igor so thaht he can help them defeat Dr Toxic and save Roxie.

Plot Edit

Tenoroc has summond Dr Toxic to poison the Streat Kids whit difrent kind of illnesis whit his sick gun.When Matt arives he remembers the movie The Hospital of Dr Toxic.After the fight Roxie and Lightning get hit white the Pox wires.Roxie and Lightning have blu and red spots,then there toungs turn green and finaly a big tempertue,Gomez and the Bisness Man say thath if they are not cyuird whit in 24 houses they will.Matt and Gomez find thath the only antidout is the frozen frogs but whit Dr Crazy they will nead a distraction to do it.So Matt realise Igor and says thath if they don t get the frozen frogs in time Roxie is done for.Igor fights the doctor and Matt and Gomez get the antidout and use it to defeat Dr Toxic.Then Matt instead of booking him he asks if he wants to join there team.So it Continius.

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