Igor is still truing to disaid weather to join Matt and the team or to return to Tenoroc as one of his villans again.But things get worst when Tenoroc reasummons Dr Jekil in his old lab in Carnival City.He planes on turning the whole multiverse into Hyde monsters like him and serve Tenoroc.

Plot Edit

It s been a weak since Matt s question of if Igor wants to join the team,butt Tenoroc has deviced a new plane so he reasummons Dr Jekill who after a long meditation is more and more incotrol of his body.So he was summon to his old laborathory to turn thr Streat Kids into his Hyde minions.When Matt arrives Igor helps but still hasn t decided if he wants to join.After the fight Jekill escapes into his gient blimp full of Hyde gas.In the blimp Hyde goes balistick and hurts Roxie.After Igor beats him up whitch proves thath Igors the strongest.Matt puts a big explosive insaid the blimp and after the explosion Jekill goes holagram again but Matt can t hold gomez and lightning wiel there faling and book Jekil so unfortenary he escapes.But now Igor is the fifth member of the team.

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