Hatter TV Episode 1 - Knights of the Multiverse22:32

Hatter TV Episode 1 - Knights of the Multiverse

Knights of the Multiverse is the 1st episode of Season 1.

Summary Edit

American schoolboy Matt Hatter arrives at the Coronet theatre in London to find that his Grandfather is missing. Then he discovers Secret Screen 2 - a cache of amazing gadgets and weapons. These are housed in an ancient book called the Interactive Chronicles of Action and Adventure, a gateway to another dimension - The Multiverse. In the Region of Ruins, Matt meets allies Roxie (Tracker) and Gomez (Keeper) and faces arch-enemy Lord Tenoroc and his emissary of evil - The Black Knight! Together, Matt, Roxie and Gomez try to stop the Black Knight from stealing Harmonia's sacred Chalice of Harmony and plunging the realm into everlasting decay and ruin!

Plot Edit

The episode starts with the statue of Alfred Hatter in the Region Of Ruins.

Villain Introduced Edit

Black Knight

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

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