Lio Hatter is Captain Lightning's alter ego in the real world and Matt Hatter's adopted older brother.

Lio Hatter

After Tenoroc was defeated once again and Alfred was free from his prison, he decides to move in with the Hatters and have been helping them in the Coronet while traveling to the Multiverse with Matt ever since.

Bio Edit

Name: Lio Hatter

Alter Ego: Captain Lightning

Age: 18

Home: Carnival City, London

Relatives: Matt Hatter (adoptive younger brother), Meg Hatter (adoptive mother), Harry Hatter (adoptive father), Alfred Hatter (adoptive grandfather), Marlon (adoptive pet dwarf Tasmanian devil)

Favorite Food: Gummy Villains, steak & cheese sandwiches, popcorn, London pastries, Japanese strawberry shortcakes, donuts, his own cooking, chocolate

Favorite Drink: Cappuccino, Soda, Root Beer, Lemonade

Likes: Working in the theater the Coronet, cappuccino breaks, spending time with Matt and his friends in the Multiverse, lightning, music, studying, reading, inventing things, math, science, cooking, fixing Harry Hatter's inventions

Dislikes: Lord Tenoroc, remembering his bad memories, being left behind, Roxie getting in his way, having nightmares about his past, being made fun of

Personality: Logical, smart, funny, well-mature, inventive, an expert cook, helpful, kind, quick, short tempered, brotherly, organized, encouraging

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