Werewolf King Lycan

Lycan the Werewolf is another villain Tenoroc released, He is a half human-wolf creature that appeared in episode 1 of Season 2 Werewolf King. His ghost appeared in Ghost in the Chronicles


In his human form, he has facial white hair. He also has pink skin and wears a black sweater with a hoodie. in his wolf form, he still has his facial white hair and a white beard and his eyes are glowing red. Like other werewolves, he has sharp claws and sharp teeth.


In his human form, Lycan can be very helpful, calm, and really nice and he can easily fool others in his human form. Roxie falls for him which makes Matt jealous. But in his wolf form, Lycan is vicious and very dangerous.

Weakness Edit

Like most werewolves, his weakness is Silver.

Abilities Edit

Lycan can transform into a Werewolf who can create an army of Werewolves and destroy everything blocking their way by his lunar compass that allows him to transform and then change back again, He has also ferocious speed no anything can stop her, and like other werewolves, he has sharp claws scratching and tearing everything he sees and has sharp teeth. Because of being half wolf, Lycan has also the ability to communicate with wolves and control them, It was also said called Werewolf King.

Quotes Edit

That bow won't make you a hunter. (CLERAL [GREEN ARROW]: Guess you've skipped my origin story.)