Magnifico is a part man, part toy wrestler that appears in episode 1 of Season 3 Cell Blaster Reboot and reappears in Season 4 Episode 12 All Seeing Eye


Magnifico is muscular with purple skin and he wears black gloves with yellow Ms on them. He wears a black and white mask and has electric boxes on the left and right sides of his hips that controls his arms and body.

In the seriesEdit

Lord Tenoroc summons Magnifico in the Region of Ruins to crush the Harmoians while they were playing their sports. Later, he went to Carnival City to wrestle the Street Kids but they were saved by Captain Lightning. Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and even Captain Lightning wrestle with him. He first beat Lightning but then was defeated by Matt who blasted his boxes that control his arms and was later booked. In All Seeing Eye he Was Summend to spoil the party for matt

Weakness Edit

He can be defeated easily when you beat him on his four batteries because he owns two of his arms and two of his legs, but you must beat him on his batteries quickly because he will re-shipped by hit them with great force.

Power and Abilities Edit

Magnifo has significant super strength that he can use to destroy and defeat anything that gets in his way. He is also very durable and can resist Lightning's lightning bolts and many punches from his enemy, however he can be defeated easily by hitting one of his hips.

Is a Noob!

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