Mask-Face is another of Tenoroc's villans who was summoned in Mask off Mask-face.

In the series Edit

He was summoned to make everyone in Carnival City fight so they don't concentrate on destroying Tenoroc but to destroy each other. When Matt arrived Gome was acting weird becauses he quit the team and said, "Because of you, Alfred is trap! Who knows where he is and you have your chance of saving him but failed. Roxie sees that Gomez has red eyes and then Matt remembers the movie Mask of Sadness. Then for 14 minutes, they fight but Mask-face just kept switching and in the end he switches to Lightning and gets booked. Because the the real Lightning dosen't say "Capotino" he says "Kapowie!" and he always gives a speech like "Zombie Boss beware! Captain Lightning is back in the game! Point me at that bad boy and pull the trigger".

Appearance Edit

He wears a 1809 jacket and hat, carries a walking stick in that releases misery gas, wears red glasses, and he doesn't have a mouth.

Abilities Edit

He has a face-shaper a mask that can turn into anything it wants, has ghost like power that helps him walk through walls, disappear, and can release misery gas with his walking stick. He also uses it as a sword. Mask-Face can make his legs disappear.