Meteor Master is one of Tenoroc's villains seen in the episode 'Storm of War', it is said that Meteor Master is one of Tenoroc's most powerful villains.


Meteor Master looks like a man in his mid-late 20's who is 6'2 in height, has blonde hair that looks similar to Matt's and is quite thin but looks like somebody you don't want to get angry. He wears a black hoodie that goes over his head and black trousers that look similar to jeans, has a blue shirt sticking out from under his hoodie and has steel toed construction boots.


Meteor Master has Atmokinesis, which means he can control the weather and channel it in any shape or form, for example in the episode Storm of War, he uses Giant Hail bombs to try and attack Matt and his friends, Heatwave blasts again to try and attack Matt and his friends but also to terrorize the Region of Ruins, Lightning strikes to terrorize Harmonia, Thunder booms to show off to Tenoroc and to threaten Baccus with one, Water/Rain ball/pulse to start of the storm, uplifting wind to make him fly and finally fog blasts to make his disappearance from Baccus.

In The Episode

In the episode ' Storm of War' Tenoroc summons Meteor Master to release him from his prison by cooking up a storm that would rip a hole in the dimensions and to also destroy Matt and Friends at the same time. He terrorizes Harmonia and tries to make the storm of war but gets stopped accidentally when the Harmonians release beams of pure willpower which drains Meteor Master of his energy that turns him hologram, then he's booked by Matt, but he leaves behind a metal device called the Warlock's Wand; a device when pointed at the sky, will drain the atmosphere's electrical discharge, rendering Meteor Master helpless, which Alfred used to defeat him. It is made of Coronetium, a rare metal only found in the region of ruins that is extremely effective against super-villains, but Gomez says the wand is irreparable because of the fall onto the bridge and it is one of the last of it's rare kind.

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