Minotaur is avillain summoned by Lord Tenoroc in episode 8 season 1 The Maze Of The Minotaur and his second appeared with Flint Phoenix in episode 9 of season 3 Forests of Fears.

In the series Edit

Minotaur is great devastating send in a Region Of Ruins. his mission is stop Matt Hatter find the missing grandfather Alfred Hatter he was then later caputrad by Matt saing this is not over.

Weakness Edit

his weakness is Red Rage, and provoke him.

Abilities Edit

Minotaur can creates a fearsome nightmare maze of strange energy and release a green Dread-Breath out of his mouth can whereby reveals the ultimate nightmares and fears of his enemies, And he can also using his spear to eliminate on his enemies and arrest them whether escaped them from him, And he can also scaring his enemies to the max, making them weak and are unable on fighting and are unable even to move one finger as if befall them a deadly disease, And it was also was told that it is very impossible stop him when he sicks or when he does the movement of Stampede Charge, He is also very durable and has incredible super strength and great superpower.

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