15. Monkey King

Monkey King is another villain that Lord Tenoroc summoned in episode 2 of season 2 The Curse Of The Crystal Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Has a lot of hair on his entire body because he is a monkey, he holds a magic wand and with his whistle to his cloud, and wearing a decorated shield and has a golden crown on it a chinese writing indicates on his crystal kingdom. He is based on Monkey from the Chinese story, Journey to the West.

Personality Edit

Monkey King he loves very much enjoyed his time and destroy everything he wants, he is also a trouble maker and wicked but he knows how to fight and has a very impressive combat skills and is contrary unlike monkeys, he does not love bananas at all.

In the series Edit

Lord Tenoroc summoned him in the Region of Ruins to damages Roxie Staff so that they can not bring Matt to the multiverse, And also commanded him to imprison the Harmonians all residents in his crystal kingdom to give him an army of the villains slaves without escape from his prison.He was then booked by Matt who blew his whistle.

Weakness Edit

Breaking The Crown.

Abilities Edit

Monkey King carries a magical staff that shoots crystal orbs that sends his victims in his crystal kingdom, and he can fly by whistling to his cloud, Has also a superpower and great fighting skills and has also a fighting agility which gives a very remarkable strength in the battles and also has all Roxie skills like a track and feeling of all quick and swift and strong movement.