Matt Hatter Chronicles with Winx ClubEdit

Tenoroc sends Bad Captain Lightning, Cupid and Prowler. On the other side, the Trix steal magic code and try to flee. They open a portal of Multi-verse(It was a mistake) and become friends with villains. With their magic,those villains become more powerful. Now, Winx somehow found the portal and get into Multi-verse. They become friends with Matt, Roxie, Captain Lightning, and Gomez. After a great fight, Winx captured Trix and Matt booked those villains. Winx promised that they will come again and have fun in Multi-verse.

Scream Street ChroniclesEdit

When Matt, Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning discovers a portal and go through
Scream Street
it, they find themselves in a street for monsters, ghosts, and ghouls called Scream Street! There, they meet Luke Watson the werewolf, Resus Negative the vampire, and Cleo Farr the mummy. Meanwhile, Tenoroc partners up with Sir Otto Sneer to get rid of them.

Matt Hatter Chronicles: Speedster Showdown Edit

Having lost most of his villains to Matt Hatter, Tenoroc decides to release arguably his most powerful of villains: a man capable of moving anywhere in the blink of an eye with extreme speed. This villain engages Matt in an intense fight, but Matt is quickly overpowered. Just when all seems lost, a multiverse wormhole appears and from it emerges The Flash. After some intense drama and an epic fight between the two speedsters, The Flash defeats the villain, it goes hologram and Matt captures him into the Chronicles. Matt thanks The Flash for helping, at which point he runs back into a wormhole and the movie ends.