Mr Vacky hat is a villain who sold Tenoroc a potion to switch his brain with Matts in Switching a Brain.

In the Series Edit

Tenoroc summons a villain called Mr Vacky Hat to sell him a potion that would finally free him from his prison. He goes to the Enchanted Forest where he makes all the Tuk Tuks sick. When Matt arrives he manages to separate everyone and switches Matt and Tenorocs brains. When Tenoroc is free he tricks the gang into splitting and has the Navi Cube. He releases Flint Phoenix and the Black Knight to attack the Enchanted Forest, Magnifico to attack the Sea of Sands, Lycan attacks Carnival City and Roadkiller in the Region of Ruins and Flipster. Matt manages to convince that he is Tenoroc so the gang goes to find a potion to reswitch Matt and Tenorocs Brains. And they book Mr Vacky and all the other villains becaes Matt had their lifecells in Matts Body.

Appearance Edit

He wears a red goofy jacket, a hypnotising hat, white gloves, has no pants, wears heart shaped underwear, giant boots, orange hair and is bald and has the same skin color as Flipster.

Powers Edit

Super brain

Weapons Edit

A flame throwing umbrella, hypnotizing hat, has a big flying gypsy wagon but he turned it into his evil potion shop, farting potion, ice potion, exploding potion and slave potion(he used this potions to battle Roxie).

Weakness Edit

Exploding potions