Omnieonie is a demon with a labcout who apeard in episod Atack of the Omnieoni

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned Omnieoni in Carnival City and find and destroy the Street Kids. Roxie and Gomez quickly hides them before the monster could find them. Matt and Lightning went to a old library so they can find a way to defeat the Omnioni, but the monster finds him first. Matt needs to find a enchanted talisman to defeat this monster. When Matt and Captain Lightning finds it at the old museum, he puts it in the man's hand and the spirit comes out but now, he controls Lightning's body. In the end the Omnioni leaves Lightnings body after Matt gets the spirit out and he gets booked. The man who was controlled by the Omnieoni was free and thank them.The man who was controlled by the demon was Lucius father Luck.

Appearance Edit

In the body the Omnieoni has giant horns, red eyes, brown hair,white labcoat, black pants, claws, spikes on his back,gient hands,labcou,purpel pants and with a deep dark voice.

His true form is a black monster with giant hands, a tail, no legs and a mask with a smile and red stripes. He also has a very squeaky voice.

In Lightning's body, he has red eyes, deeper and darker voice, red lightning and white skin with horns.

Weakness Edit

Bells, fire, pepper and the enchanted talisman.

Abilities Edit

In the body his strong, has a super sonic stream, use his horns to destroy and can eat metal and rock and the more he eats, the bigger he gets.

In his true form, he can control a body and fly.(Controled Lightning and a Scientest who was a old friend of Alfred Hatter).

In Lightning form, he shoots red lightning, absorb it and fly.

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