Omnieonie is a demon oni that appeared in the episode Attack of the Omnieoni

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned Omnieoni in Carnival City and find and destroy the Street Kids. Roxie and Gomez quickly hides them before the monster could find them. Matt and Lightning went to a old library so they can find a way to defeat the Omnioni, but the monster finds him first. Matt needs to find a enchanted talisman to defeat this monster.Matt must go to the Enchanted forest to find the Talisman in order to stop the Omnioni.In its true form he looks exacly the same only with out a host he gets weak and especialy if the trow peppers at him.The man he was controling was no other then Licius father the original mayor of Carnival City.

Appearance Edit

He resembles the legendary Red oni only this guy is bald,has two horns and is fat,he alsou has two metalic like bracelets.

Weakness Edit

pepper and the enchanted talisman.

Abilities Edit

Super strong,controls the wind and carries a gient mace like weapon